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About Our Service

"Purchasing our products is purchasing our services."


We at Redt Inc. value our customers' after-sales experience. We guarantee that our customers are given the best customer service experience after buying our products.


We provide our customers with accurate, punctual and satisfactory customer service in person and remotely.

We make sure that our customers are given the assistance they need regarding our products, and are provided with answers and/or solutions concerning our products.

We, the engineers at Redt Inc. are always prepared to solve any customer issues or problems with our products, ensure our customers’ safety, convenience and satisfaction, and offer excellent professional support to all technical difficulties related to our products.  

We provide our customers with the following services:

Redt Inc.
Redt Inc.


Customer Product Training

We provide training on how to use our products with the use of different communication channels or media platforms. We train our customers via phone, video conferencing, emails, messengers, online services/remote support, and many more. We also provide on-site training if requirements are met. Through these platforms/channels, we can easily teach our customers how to use our products.

Redt Inc.


Product Installation Support

We provide installation service and training to our customers. We provide proper training and demonstration on how to safely and accurately use our products. Our engineers give a demonstration of how our products are installed and operated, and provide a thorough explanation of our products' purpose/intended use-including the proper handling of our products along with the safety procedures and protocols. Through this process, our engineers are able to meet our customers face-to-face and provide better after-sales service in person.

Redt Inc.
Redt Inc.
Redt Inc.


Product Diagnosis and Repair

Our products are built sturdy with a simple yet modern structural design. We guarantee zero faults, damages and problems in our machines as they are built with high-quality, safe, stable and reliable mechanical parts and devices. We develop customer-oriented products that are religiously tested and verified for safe use. Our engineers made sure that our products are of the best quality, safe to use and reliable upon purchase. In case of breakdown or malfunction (due to wear out or other reasons), our engineers carefully diagnose and repair them then restore them to their original condition. We make sure that our repairs are carried out as quickly as possible to avoid causing inconveniences to our customers, and eliminate long wait times for diagnosis and repairs. We, at Redt, guarantee you a quick, prompt response from our engineers.

Redt Inc.


Product Maintenance Support

Our products require the lowest and least maintenance as they they are built to last. They are durable and of best quality. They only require proper care and handling to extend their lifespan and avoid breakdown and malfunction. In addition, proper installation, proper usage, the right temperature and period of usage significantly contribute to their lifespan. We, at Redt, provide training and technical support to our customers on how to properly handle and maintain our products for longer use.

Redt Inc.
Redt Inc.
Redt Inc.


Coaching Solutions

Product coaching enables our customers to learn the proper handling and/usage of our products. We provide coaching solutions on how to specifically deal with some special operations that may require the use of our auxiliary devices, or some methods/techniques while using our products for different purposes (apart from their main purpose). Our engineers at Redt provide professional support and training in order for our customers to get the most out of our products.

Redt Inc.


Stay Connected to our Customers

We, at Redt, stick to our customer service philosophy: "Solving our customers’ problems is always our top priority." We stay connected to our customers to respond to their needs. Our customers can always contact our engineers via phone, email and social media, or face-to-face.

Redt Inc.
Redt Inc.
Redt Inc.


Custom Manufacturing Service 

We provide custom tool service to our customers. Our products come with a variety of tools and devices like jigs and vices that are used to perform special tasks during operation. We, at Redt, specialize in the production of these tools and devices. We encourage our customers to work with our engineers to properly understand the usage of our products and to seek professional advice and support when technical difficulties occur instead of trying to diagnose our products themselves and then find solutions by trial and error. Our customers can utilize the knowledge and expertise of our engineers and achieve better solutions to solve their problems concerning our products; save time and money on diagnosis and repairs; and meet their requests and demands.


Redt Inc.


Product and Market-Related Information and Trends

We care about our customers and their experience with us. We pay close attention to their needs and put forth the extra effort to market research to understand what their wants and needs are, develop new products that will benefit them the most, and introduce new services that will provide them with the greatest satisfaction. Our engineers perform extensive research on the current trends and market-related information to provide our customers with the latest products and services. They gather information, analyze them, and then use them for product and service development. We keep our customers updated by sending them information and news about our latest offers, products and services. We take good care of our customers. We guarantee users' confidentiality, and keep their personal information private and secured. We, at Redt, ensure better service and the best after-sales experience to our customers all the time.

Redt Inc.

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