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We, at Redt Inc.’s, produce products that are convenient to use, versatile and user-friendly. 


MAGIC™ is our brand. We develop laser and CNC engraving machines that work like magic as if making marking, cutting and engraving magically easy and quick! 


We offer products under the brand MAGIC.


Our products are built and designed based on the latest laser and CNC technologies for laser marking and engraving operations.

The letter “M” symbolizes MAGIC, MACHINE, MARKING and MODELING which perfectly represent the image of our brand.

The triangle aligned at the top center of the letter “M” along with the “V” shape at the bottom center represents the shape of engraving tools and fragments that are carved out from the workpiece.


Our logo has a simple yet elegant and bold design that is easily recognized and remembered.

Magic Engraving

C 90 M 20
R 0 G 153 B 218

B 70
R 109 G 110 B 112

B 50
R 147 G 149 B 151

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