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DADO welding machine
■ Materials
  • All Gold 

  • 18K/14K Gold 

  • All Silver 

  • 92.5 Silver 

  • Brass 

  • Other metals 

■ Usage
  • Welding chains  

  • Welding earring studs  

  • Welding O-rings 

Magic Engraving

Small Laser Welding Machine,
DADO Laser Welder 

The Dado welder is a third generation modern and advanced, small welding machine, developed to weld (solder), and repair jewelry made of gold, silver, copper, etc. It is designed for ergonomic use among jewelers, eliminating fatigue and worn out from long time welding periods. It is built with the latest welding system that allows welding precision with guaranteed highest quality output. 


Redt’s DADO welder is equipped with high-powered laser sources that weld all types of jewelry in no time. It emits high energy lasers that instantly melt the irradiation point for welding, ensuring high quality welding output and flawless, aesthetic repairs. 

■ Product Features
  • Welds any jewelry products like gold, silver and bronze 

  • Small and light; easy installation at any work rooms 

  • Easy machine control via smartphone app 

  • Intuitive interface control; requires no background on welding and repair 

  • Offered at an affordable price 

  • Eliminates welding fatigue and worn out 

  • Safe to use and user-friendly 

  • Produces precise and high-quality welding results

Welding Samples 

Silver Alloy 

Silver welding
  • Material: Silver  

  • Welding Sample: Weld pure silver granule and silver stud 

Silver Clasp  

Silver ring welding
  • Material: Silver 925 

  • Welding Sample: Weld silver O ring and clasp 

Silver Necklace Ring 

Silver necklace welding
  • Material: Silver 92.5  

  • Welding Sample: Weld O ring and pendant 

Square Gold Chain 

Gold chain welding
  • Material: Gold 18K  

  • Welding Sample: Weld broken gold chain 

Gold Ball Chain 

Gold ball welding
  • Material: Gold 14K  

  • Welding Sample: Weld broken gold ball chain 

Cutting Brass (DIY Earrings) 

brass welding
  • Material: Brass 

  • Welding Sample: Cut and weld brass   

Product Specifications

Welding machine Spec


DADO laser welding machine
DADO laser welding machine

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