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Laser Welding Machines 


Redt’s laser welders are modern and advanced laser welding machines, developed to irradiate metals with high energy lasers (by emitting light pulses with relatively high pulse energy), localizing the beam’s irradiation point and melting the heated point for welding. The focal size of the beam is small, enabling precise spot welding that can be freely adjusted, minimizing thermal deformation at the welding point. It is a very convenient and efficient welding method for professional and non-professional welders, including those who are new to welding and repair. Our laser welders can be used for a variety of welding work on various jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, chains, earring studs, rings, and many more. 

MAGIC™ Laser Welding Machines 

  • High-powered laser source; welds all types of metals and/or jewelry. 

  • Built and designed for ergonomic use among jewelers. 

  • Quick and easy welding operation. 

  • User-friendly welding functions and features. 

  • Comes with various power outputs for high power welding (soldering). 

  • Safety mechanical design.  

  • Eliminates fatigue and worn out from long period of welding work. 

  • Guaranteed high performance; produces high quality welding results. 

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