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Magic Engraving
Jewelry Engraver, MAGIC-5S

MAGIC-5S is a multi-purpose engraver, designed for tablet PC compatibility via Bluetooth connection. It is built small and light with a simple yet sophisticated design. Its small size allows easy installation at any work spaces, and enables easy and fast engraving operations on pendants as well as on the inside and outside of rings.

  • All-in-one Desktop Engraver

    MAGIC™-5S is equipped with a flat clamp that engraves on flat surfaces and plates such as pendants and nameplates; and a rotary clamp that engraves on the inside and outside of rings.

  • Easy Engraving for Everyone

    The machine is easy to operate as it comes with an easy-to-use software which allow fast and easy engraving on any various materials.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection
    Engraving is now made easy as the machine has a built in Bluetooth that can be connected to any tablet PC.  

Pendant engraving

Pendant Engraving

Ring engraving

Ring Engraving


Supports Bluetooth

Diamond tip

Diamond Scribing

Automatic functions

Fully Automatic



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Jewelry Engraver, MAGIC™-5S

MAGIC™-5S is a multipurpose engraving machine equipped with a flat clamp to engrave on pendants and a rotary clamp to engrave on the inside/outside of rings. It is an all-in-one jewelry engraving machine perfect for any jewelry workshops, jewelry shops, and accessory shops. It comes in a small size which allows easy installation at any work spaces, and operates quietly to promote a favorable work environment. It is easy to use as it comes with a user-friendly software and a built-in Bluetooth compatible with any tablet PCs.

Multipurpose Jewelry Engraver

Fast and Easy Engraving on Various Materials

MAGIC™-5S engraves on various materials like pendants, (inside and outside of) rings and bracelets, anti-lost necklaces, and many other jewelries, accessories and gift items. It produces high-quality, deep and lasting, permanent engravings with a shiny and polished finish similar to handcrafted products, resembling a feeling of warmth and personal touch. 

Pendant engraving



Necklace engraving



Ring engraving



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Anti-lost Necklace


Curved pendant engraving



Bracelet engraving

Other Products

Various Fields

All-in-one Jewelry Engraver

This single engraving machine is ideal for both flat and rotary engraving.

All-in-one engraving machine

​💡  All-in-One Engraver

  • All types of engraving can be done with the use of two built-in tools for separate engraving operations on rings and pendants.

  • Its built-in flat and rotary clamps eliminate the need to switch clamps.

  • It can engrave on almost any types of jewelries or accessories. 

  • It can engrave both on the inside and outside of rings.

Fingerprint engraving
Outside of a ring engraving
inside of a ring engraving

Lasting, Permanent, High-Quality and Polished Finish 

Bracelet engraving

​💡 Benefits of Diamond Scribing

  • Creates a deep, lasting, permanent mark.

  • Engraves on all metals, glasses and plastics.

  • Leaves a shiny, smooth, polished finish.

  • Easy, fast and quiet engraving.

  • Engraves on curved surfaces.

  • Safe to use scribing tools.

  • Simple and easy engraving operation for everyone.

It utilizes diamond scribing method to engrave letters, logos, patterns, photos/images, etc. by pressing metals (e.g., aluminum, metal and surgical steel, as well as precious metals like aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) and non-metals (e.g., plastic and glass) with a diamond tool. Diamond scribing is efficiently used in various fields, and is characterized as the easiest and fastest engraving method that produces high-quality engraving results.

Supports Various Marking Types

MAGIC-5S enables applications of various effects on engravings depending on the type of material, design, content and customer's preference.

  • Hatching Line
    Creates horizontal or vertical line patterns at regular intervals. 

  • Diagonal/Cross Line
    Creates diagonal or X-shaped cross line patterns at regular intervals. 

  • Contour Line
    Creates line patterns by filling the border lines.

  • Outline
    Creates border line patterns.

  • Single Line
    Creates single line patterns.

  • Photo Marking
    Creates photographs/images with dots. 

Engraves on Various Materials

MAGIC-5S engraves on following materials:

  • Precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver

  • Titanium

  • Aluminum (with anodizing)

  • Brass

  • Steel

  • Stainless steel, surgical steel

  • Plated metal

  • Plastic (with some exceptions)

  • Glass

  • ​Others