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Magic Engraving
Dot Peen Marking Machine

Magic-D300 is a fully automatic, multifunctional marking machine, specifically used to create deep, permanent marks on industrial parts and materials such as nameplates, as well as mechanical components and tools. It is equipped with a wide work area that enables marking of materials with large sizes. It is designed for easy and quick marking on various industrial products.

Auto-Switching Scribing Functions

Magic-D300 has an auto switch function that enables auto switching between dot peen marking (i.e., metal punching) and scribe marking by simply selecting auto switch mode from the software without changing the tools manually. 

Easy Machine Installation

Magic-D300 can be installed easily without the use of any complex pneumatic device connectors as it is built with an electric steering module. This feature allows easy installation; no restriction on space and; low-cost maintenance.

Vise Height Adjustable Feature

Magic-D300's vise has an height adjustable feature that allows easy adjustment of the height of the materials with different thickness up to 80 mm.


Dot Peen Marking
& Scribing

Useful clamp

Material Height Adjustment

Automatic functions

Fully Automated

Nameplate engraving

Best for Industrial Deep Marking

Magic Engraving
  • Creates deep, lasting and permanent markings on various metal materials such as aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.

  • Allows auto-switching between dot peen marking and scribe marking.

  • Easy to install; no space restriction. 

  • Minimal structure; low maintenance cost.

  • Uses electric steering module; does not require any pneumatic device connectors.

  • Has an auto-measurement feature; auto measures tool length and material height.

  • Easy to use; comes with a user-friendly software with various marking designs and applications.

  • Best solution for marking on materials with large sizes ( e.g., nameplates, industrial parts and mechanical components and tools).

  • Efficiently marks on thick materials up to 80mm.

Scribing marking

💡 Scribe Marking

  • Auto-switching of marking functions; does not require manual tool replacement.

  • Installation of the machine is made easy as it runs through the use of an electric rudder module; does not require the use of any pneumatic devices like compressors.  

  • Minimal structure; low maintenance cost.


💡 Large Work Area ​

  • Equipped with a large work area.

  • Marks on various materials with large shapes and sizes.

  • Marks on materials with different thicknesses.


💡 Laser Pointer 

  • Has a built-in laser pointer that allows easy control of the marking position.

  • Marking positions can be easily checked and adjusted.


  • Prevents error when positioning the material to be marked.


💡 User-Friendly Software 

  • Allows easy positioning of the material to be marked. 

  • Allows automatic input of the machine's serial number automatic input; does not require manual input.

  • Provides various engraving designs and applications.


💡 Auto-Measurement

  • Has built-in sensors for auto measurement of the height of the materials and auto detection of the tool length.

  • Marks on objects automatically without manually measuring the height of the materials and replacing tools.

Height adjustable clamp

💡 Vise Height Adjustment 

  • Vise can be adjusted manually. This height adjustable feature allows easy adjustment of the material's height.

  • Enables adjustment of materials with different thickness up to 80 mm.

Various clamp

💡 Detachable Vise

  • Vise is detachable.

  • Can be replaced with other vises depending on the marking application.


Technical Specifications

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​​Watch Magic™-D300 Features

Magic™-D300 is a fully automatic marking machine that offers the best solution for marking on materials with large sizes as it is equipped with a large work area. It comes with easy to use features and functions that allow easy marking on materials like industrial nameplates and parts and a variety of mechanical component and tools. It guarantees high-quality, deep, lasting and permanent markings on metals.


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