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Embossed and Debossed Brass Die Engraving with MAGIC-E4

Updated: Mar 21

Have you heard of embossed and debossed printing? 


Embossed and debossed printing are popular printing techniques that create a raised and depressed effect on paper, plastic and leather. 

Traditionally, in embossed printing, the image or design is pressed onto the material to create a raised appearance or 2.5D effect. 


Both techniques are used for aesthetic purposes, giving any paper, plastic or leather product a luxurious and expensive look. 


With MAGIC-E4, give your business cards, wedding invitations, letters, envelopes, certificates, packages or clothing items a fresh, trendy, beautiful and elegant look! 

MAGIC-E4 is a multipurpose desktop engraver that is built to produce high-quality and precise engraving and cutting results on various materials with different forms and sizes. It is also ideal for engraving embossing dies or brass molds that are used for embossed printing on paper, plastic and leather. 


Let us show you how it’s done! 


Before we begin, take note that the procedure requires two brass dies: raised and recessed, and are attached to or fitted to each other and create a 2.5D effect when pressed onto paper, plastic or leather. 


Engraving Embossing Die (Front) 

(1) Secure the brass mold to the pendant clamp. 

(2) Create a design or load the image design in the MAGIC-Engrave Program. 

(3) Convert the image to Black and White. 

(4) Create an embossed Toolpath. 

Since brass is made of metal, the engraving depth cannot be processed once.  

Set the engraving process twice to a depth of 0.5. 

(5) Once the Toolpath is created, click the [Start Engraving] button. 

[Engraving process]

[Engraving process completed]

Engraving Debossing Die (Back) 


After engraving the first die (front), proceed to engraving the counter die (back).

(1) Flip the image to create a debossing image then create a Toolpath.  

(2) Make a little allowance for the (back) die to fit it into the (front) die.  

Set the internal margin to 0.2 then click the [Start Engraving] button. 

Take note that when embossing, the dies must fit into each other. 

[Engraving process]

[Debossing process completed]

Now let’s create an embossed print on a paper with these dies!  

Embossed Printing 

First, properly put the two dies together and secure them into the paper embosser tool. 

Next, slide the paper into the paper embosser and position the dies where you would like the design to be imprinted on the paper. 

Firmly press the top handle down and gently squeeze with both hands. 

Last, gently release and voila! 

A beautifully embossed panda on paper! 

Now compare the debossed (left) and embossed (right) effect on business card. 

As you can see both debossed and embossed print effects can turn your ordinary business cards into a beautiful piece of art! 

Try engraving seal designs too! 

With MAGIC-E4 any embossing designs can be engraved! 

MAGIC-E4, the perfect embossing die engraving machine for paper, leather and plastic embossing! 

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