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Engraving Handwritten Brass Mold with IMP-C1 (ft. Hot Foil Stamping on Leather Diary Cover)

Updated: Mar 18

Engraving Handwritten Brass Mold with IMP-C1

(ft. Hot Foil Stamping on Leather Diary Cover) 


Are you interested in custom engraving? 

Do you have a design that you want to engrave? 


Or do you want to make a personalized gift for your loved ones? 


If yes, then this blog is for you! 



In this blog, we will show you how to create personalized handwritten engravings on a leather diary cover with our IMP-C1 machine. 



What is IMP-C1? 


IMP-C1 is a compact, fully automated embossing die engraving machine that facilitates engraving into brass or acrylic molds which are used to produce hot leather stamp molds, hot foil stamp molds, Thomson dies, and soap stamps. 


IMP-C1 is the world’s smallest and most powerful 2-in-1 desktop mold engraver that efficiently engraves into brass molds in the most convenient and quickest way possible. It is equipped with tools that rotate at a speed of 15,000RPM. 



So how to engrave a handwritten brass mold IMP-C1? 


Here are simple steps you can follow! 


First, take a photo of your design on your smartphone then load the image file to MagicEngrave program. 

Here, the handwritten text translates to: “Let’s be the person who we want to be.” 



You may also use the shortcut keys Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste) to load the image file. 

After loading the image file, click [Edit] in the [Image] menu and use the eraser cursor to erase or remove unnecessary marks or spots in the background. 

This also helps create a smoother and finer Toolpath. 


Once the image is smoothened out, set the depth, speed and other engraving options then click [Create Toolpath] button. 

*A Toolpath is the path where the engraving tool passes through. 


Last, secure the brass mold to the clamp then click [Start Engraving] button. 

Be sure that the material is tightly secured to the clamp. 

Now we’re ready to engrave! 


There are two engraving processes involved when engraving with IMP-C1: roughing and finishing. 


Upon clicking [Start Engraving] button, IMP-C1 auto measures the height of the material and starts the roughing process. 

Roughing Process


During the roughing process, a large amount of the material’s surface is removed. 

Here, a 1.0mm end mill roughing tool is used. 

Finishing Process

Once the roughing process is done, the machine automatically switches the tool to a finishing tool then proceeds to the finishing process. 


During the finishing process, the finishing tool refines the engraved surface to create a more enhanced and precise engraving results. 

And here is the end result! 

A beautifully engraved handwritten text on a brass mold! 


Now let’s use this brass mold for hot foil stamping! 


What is hot foil stamping? 


Hot foil stamping is a technique that uses heat, pressure, and foil to add a shiny or matte, effect to designs.  


In this process, a heat press is used for hot stamping on leather. 

Hot Foil Stamping Machine (Heat Press)

Moreover, hot foil stamping can be applied to almost anything! 


 From leather covers and belts, to bags, wallets and many more!  


It’s a great way to create crafty, personalized, handmade gifts for your loved ones or colleagues!   

Heat Press Clamping Vise


How to use a hot foil stamping machine? 

First, clamp the brass mold to the vise 

Be sure to secure the mold tightly to the vise. 

Next, set the temperature. 

Last, place the gold foil on top of the leather then press it. 


Our handwritten design with gold foil bonded to the leather diary cover! 

How do you like the result? 


IMP-C1, the perfect Embossing Die Engraving Machine for mold engraving for your hot foil stamping business! 



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