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Jewelry Engraver, MAGIC™-5S

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Introducing MAGIC-5S, our all-in-one jewelry engraver perfect for pendant and ring engraving!

Magic 5S is a multipurpose jewelry engraver, perfect for engraving jewelries or accessories with flat and rounded surfaces. It is the ideal jewelry engraver for any jewelry or accessory shops as it is designed with various features and functions that allow easy and safe use of the machine. It is built small, light and modern for easy installation at any workrooms, and comes with an easy-to-use software that allow users to easily and quickly engrave and compose their designs. Moreover, it has a built-in Bluetooth device that can be paired with any iPad or Android tablets, making it easy for shop owners to communicate with their customers regarding their preferences and to involve them in the engraving process by letting them create their own designs.

What makes MAGIC-5S the perfect jewelry engraver?

  • It makes engraving of pendants and rings fast and easy

  • It can engrave any designs on almost any types of flat and round jewelries or accessories like pendants, tags, rings and bracelets

  • It can engrave on the inside and outside of a ring or bracelet

  • It creates a deep, lasting and permanent mark

  • It is built light and small for easy installation at any workspaces

  • It has a minimal yet modern design that suits any workrooms

  • It provides various features and functions for easy and safe use

  • It has built in clamps that eliminate the need to manually switch clamps

  • It has automatic functions where it auto measures the materials and auto sets the tool

  • It enables wireless operation with the use of a tablet PC

  • It allows Bluetooth pairing with any tablet PCs

  • It comes with a user-friendly software for easy and quick engraving

Take a closer look at our MAGIC-5S!

What else to expect on our MAGIC-5S?

  • Light and compact

  • Runs quietly and smoothly

  • Produces high-quality engravings with shiny and polished finish

  • Perfect for any jewelry shops, accessory shops or factories

With our MAGIC-5S, jewelry engraving is made fast and easy!

It has built-in clamps which eliminate the need to switch clamps when engraving on materials with round and flat surfaces!

It can easily engrave any characters, letters or designs on the inside and outside of rings or bracelets as well as on pendants or tags!

See how MAGIC-5S works!

Any complex designs can be engraved with our MAGIC-5S.

Our MAGIC-5S utilizes diamond scribing method, enabling fast, precise and high-quality engravings on various materials, leaving a shiny and polished finish.

Our MAGIC-5S offers a variety of features and functions for easy operation. It enables easy positioning of laser pointer, auto measurement of the materials, and Bluetooth pairing with any iPad or Android tablets.

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