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Why You Need a Chip Collector, CP-261

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Ensuring a safe and clean environment is vital during machine operation. It is important to use a reliable and trusted chip collector that effectively eliminates all kinds of debris and contaminants in the workplace to ensure employees' safety.


A chip collector is useful for the operation of machines that are used in manufacturing and production. Factories, industrial and manufacturing companies, production facilities or workshops involved in acrylic engraving, metalworking, woodworking, stamp making, jewelry and accessory making, rely heavily on filtering devices such as chip or dust collectors to maintain a clean and safe working environment for their employees and/or machine operators.

At Redt. Inc., we offer the best solution for your filtering device needs!

We offer you the most promising, highly effective chip collector in the market your business will ever need!

Introducing the most reliable, spectacular and one-of-a-kind filtering device in the market –


What is CP-261? CP-261 is a chip collector that guarantees to provide you with the most valuable benefits and the most effective solutions for improving the workspace environment from acrylic/metal/wood chips and fine dust exposure in the workplace.

With CP-261, we guarantee you a clean and safe work environment!


  • With its powerful vacuuming system, debris such as acrylic/metal/wood chips and dust are effectively sucked in, significantly reducing the amount of chips and dust that can be seen.

  • With its dual-filtration system, chips and fine dust are effectively filtered, preventing users from dust exposure and chip injury.

  • With its hassle-free filter replacement system, anyone can quickly and easily replace its filters in no time!

With CP-261, debris produced during machine operation is effectively removed in an instant, powerfully sucking in all kinds of pollutants!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are involved in the business of jewelry and accessory making, engraving, wood carving, metal cutting, acrylic engraving or stamp making, CP-261 is the perfect chip collector device for you!

Avail of our chip collector now!

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