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Every product in the MAGIC™ Series uses a CNC control technology and must be used with software programs that allow you to operate the products for their intended purposes. The performance, features and quality of the software programs are as important as the quality of the products. The software programs for the MAGIC™ Series allow you to get the best out of the products’ performance and features and, receive technical support continuously.


MagicEngrave™ is a software program developed to make MAGIC™ laser marking machines, MAGIC™ scribe marking machines and MAGIC™ CNC carving machines easy to use for anyone. This CAD/CAM software program allows the users to easily use automated features the MAGIC™ series provide for various engraving, cutting and carving work.

Supported Products

  • MAGIC™ Series 

Using MagicEngrave™, MAGIC™ Series users could create and edit designs for marking, cutting and carving work, create various toolpaths and connect the program with other programs like Illustrator, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and Rhino and control various features the MAGIC™ Series offer.


The Gilin & Stamper Master program is software designed for pattern and carving purposes, providing features for pattern design, toolpath generation, and toolpath data transmission.

Supported Products

  • All Turbo™ Series

Gilin is specialized software for creating stamping patterns, allowing for easy and fast design of various types of stamps available in the market. It also includes a variety of typefaces commonly used in stamp design, enabling the creation of diverse and unique stamp designs.

Stamper is a dedicated rubber stamp design software, offering various features to streamline the process of carving various rubber stamp designs with minimal design work.


MAGIC™-Touch is a mobile software program that allows the users to connect to the MAGIC™ Series wirelessly on tablet devices and smartphones. The program offers an easy-to-use interface and the users can connect and control their products conveniently with simple taps.

Supported Products

  • MAGIC™-E7, MAGIC™-E4, MAGIC™-E3  

  • MAGIC™-S7, MAGIC™-S4, MAGIC™-S3 

  • MAGIC™-1S, MAGIC™-2S, MAGIC™-5S 

Without using a computer or connecting a cable, you can use simple taps to intuitively control the carving machine on tablet devices or smartphones. This program could bring a new approach to carving by enabling the customers to participate in the carving process, select a phrase or design they want and experience the process of making their own product at stores.

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