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Dust Collector (CP-261)

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집진기 (CP-261)

Magic Engraving

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Dust Collector (CP-261)

CP-261 is specifically designed for vacuuming debris produced when engraving, cutting or carving materials like acrylic, wood, modelling boards, brass, etc. with MAGIC™ machines.
It is built with a powerful vacuuming motor that effectively sucks in debris produced during the engraving process which allows a clean and safe working environment.

It is designed to maintain a clean work area by preventing dust from spreading and debris like plastic or wood chips from flying away.

  • Dual filtration system with strong suction

  • Compact size for less space

  • Easy for anyone to use

  • Automatic dust collection control with the engraver's operation

  • Easy to change consumable filters 

  • Modern product design

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Dust Collector (CP-261)

Product Features

  • Clean work environment; minimizes the spread of dusts indoor and prevents debris from flying away during engraving operation

  • Powerful vacuuming system; effectively sucks in debris

  • Advanced dual dust filtration system; effectively filters fine dusts and particles with a bag filter and HEPA filter

  • Auto vacuuming control system

  • Auto syncs with MAGIC™ machines upon connection

  • Compact in size; easy to install at any work spaces

  • User friendly; easy to use

  • Easy to replace/install bag and HEPA filters

  • Easy to install suction hose, clamps and other tools/accessories

  • Durable and high-quality device; designed for long term use

  • Safe vacuuming and immediate disposal of debris and/or particles

Product Compatibility

CP-261 auto syncs with the following MAGIC™ machines upon cable connection and nose mounting.



CP-261 is easy to install at any work spaces and comes with a suction hose and tools used for connecting to any MAGIC™ machines.


When connecting to a MAGIC™ machine

Product Main Features

Clean Work Environment

CP-261 is built with a powerful vacuuming motor that efficiently sucks in debris produced during engraving and cutting operation. It is specifically designed to help maintain a clean and safe working environment by automatically vacuuming the debris and/or particles from materials such as wood, acrylic, modeling boards, and brass (when using endmills and V-cutters)

What are the benefits of using (CP-261) Chip Collector?

  • It efficiently removes debris produced during engraving operation

  • It helps maintain a clean working environment while engraving

  • It improves indoor air quality by preventing the spread of dusts

  • It prevents users from being exposed to debris

  • It prevents damage on the surface of the material caused by debris when engraving or cutting

  • It protects the engraving machine from debris such as chips, dusts and other particles that can get stuck or caught inside the machine which may cause machine failure

  • It prevents chips from flying away during engraving and cutting operation

Powerful Vacuuming System

CP-261 has a suction pressure of 720mmAg that creates a powerful air flow that effectively sucks in debris produced during engraving and cutting operation.


Auto Vacuuming Control System

CP-261 auto syncs with any MAGIC™ machines upon connecting the device’s cable to RJ-45 port.

Control system runs as follows:

  • Auto Synchronization : CP-261 is activated when engraving begins and stops when engraving ends.

  • Manual Control : CP-261 can be controlled manually (during engraving operation or when in stand-by mode) by using the vacuum control buttons on the MAGIC™ engraving machine.

Dual Filtration System

CP-261 is designed with two-stage filtration: bag filter and HEPA filter to keep the surrounding air clean and minimize the spread of fine dust and/or particles during engraving operation. During pre-filter stage, most debris like dusts and chips are collected—including dust particles with a size of 25µm. Then, it proceeds with the HEPA filter (with a grade of H13) to collect 99.95% of fine dust particles—including dust particles with a size of 0.2µm.

Step 1 : Back Filter
Step 2 : HEPA Filter

Cyclone Pre-Filter System

CP-261 utilizes cyclone pre-filter to prolong the life of the filter by capturing dusts and other large particles before they get to the bag filter (to avoid clogging), then leaving only small particles to be collected by the filter.


The benefits of cyclone pre-filter are:

  • Significantly improves dust collection by pre-filtration process; prevents clogging the filters

  • Reduces stress to the filters; makes filters last longer

  • Easy removal of the captured debris and other particles; easily detached with one hand

    ☞ We recommend to use the cyclone pre-filter to extend the life of the filters and reduce the risk of clogging them.
    ☞ Keep in mind that when stone powders are captured, the bag filter may get easily clogged which can cause poor suctioning of debris/dusts.

Easy-to-Replace Filters

CP-261 is designed for easy and convenient use. The structure of CP-261 machine allows easy replacement of the bag filter and HEPA filter by simply taking them out, changing their old filters to new ones, putting them back and closing their lids.


External Exhaust

CP-261 dramatically reduces the spread of dust indoor by utilizing an external exhaust. To connect, an adapter is fitted to the exhaust duct to allow discharging of air from the device to the outside. Here, the device collects the air then exhausts it outside to minimize the spread of dust indoor.


Modern and Sophisticated Design

CP-261 perfectly suits any work spaces as its modern and sophisticated look complements any interior designs. Its design matches our 3rd generation MAGIC™ machines to give an impression of uniformity on all our products. Moreover, its overall structure including all its machine parts and components are guaranteed of best and high quality.


Consumables and Other Options

Bag Filter

First stage filter: To capture debris and other dust particles.

HEPA Filter

Second stage filter: To capture fine dust particles.

Cyclone Pre-Filter

Pre-filter: To capture debris and other dust particles in large sizes before they get to the bag filter.


Technical Specifications

Chip Collector.png


How to Use the Dust Collector (CP-261)

This video explains how to install the dust collector's suction nose, suction hose, and control wires, and how to operate this device.


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Product-Related Tips
  • The exhaust hose can be connected to the adapter fitted to exhaust port to enable outdoor exhaust. 

  • The HEPA filter can be removed to (slightly) improve suction power when using outdoor exhaust. 

  • It is ideal to attach the suction hose mounting bracket to a table with a double-sided tape.

Information Related to the Product:
  • Excessive or non-stop use of the machine (for over 12 hours) may cause overheating which may lead to a fire.

  • Fine dust particles like stone powder can clog the filter. When the filter is clogged, the suction power of the device decreases and the life of the filter is shortened. It is recommended to use cyclone pre-filter. *Cyclone pre-filter is available for separate purchase.

  • A mounting bracket is provided to help shape the suction hose into a "Ω" shape. Use the provided mounting bracket to reduce the stress (or movement) to the head of MAGIC™ engraving machine.

  • The bag filter has a transparent acrylic cover that allows peeking through the inside of the bag to check the amount of chips and dusts collected and to determine whether the bag needs replacement or not.

  • Immediately replace the bag filter or HEPA filter if the suction power is poor.

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