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We, at Redt Inc., guarantee our customers with products that are of best quality, fast, easy, and safe to use. We stay true to our mission, developing advanced laser marking and CNC engraving machines for our customers, based on the latest laser marking and CNC technologies we have accumulated through decades of research.

Below are the solutions we offer:

CNC Engraving Solutions

Brass Carving

We offer CNC engraving machines that allow pairing of various tools like endmills, V-shaped cutters and scribing tools which are used to carve, cut, and scribe letters, patterns, images and parts on various materials. Compared to the typical CNC engraving machines in the market, our products offer unique and innovative functions and features as they are developed based on our latest and advanced engraving and marking technologies to fulfill our customers’ needs.


Our CNC engraving machines perform engraving, cutting, carving and scribing on various materials to produce high-quality, precise and polished engraving on a variety of products used for different purposes--including product manufacturing and industrial marking. They come with a user-friendly software program; built light and compact, to allow easy installation at any workshops or workplaces and; designed quiet, to promote a favorable working environment.

Laser Solutions

We offer a variety of laser marking machines that perform precise cuts, and high-quality, deep and permanent markings on metals and non-metals with the use of various laser sources. Our products are equipped with various power options for a more powerful and high-speed cutting and laser marking performance; a user-friendly software for easy and quick machine operation; automatic features, to ensure our users’ safety and convenience, and; more useful functions, to allow easy and quick markings on various materials.


Our laser marking machines guarantee users’ safety during marking operation as our machines are built with the latest laser control technology. Our products are widely used in jewelry, signage, craft and label manufacturing, and industrial marking. We offer fiber laser, CO2 laser and UV laser marking machines to various industries that are involved in machining, laser marking and engraving on materials like metals and non-metals like acrylic, plastics, wood, rubber and fabric.

Pendant Laser Marking machine

Stamp Engraving Solutions

Stamp engraving machine

We develop and manufacture seal engraving machines used for engraving images, letters, logos, characters and many more, on seals made of wood, stones, plastics and buffalo horns. We supply seal engravers to countries like Korea, China and Japan where seals are significantly used to authenticate a legal document or certify a document’s authenticity.


Customers can choose a product that perfectly suits them from our wide range of seal and stamp engraving solutions. We at Redt Inc., offer CNC engraving machines, laser engraving machines and flash stamp engraving machines (used for making rubber stamps and self-inking stamps) that produce high quality engravings on seals and stamps which are commonly used in schools, companies, banks and government offices.

Key Cutting Solutions

We develop and produce key cutting solutions to professional locksmiths. We produce user-friendly, highly efficient and high performing products that enable easy and quick cutting of keys with high precision and quality.


We at Redt Inc., utilize our advanced control technology to ensure our customers’ safety and convenience during key cutting operation. Our products are programmed to shape keys according to our database (which have a wide selection of key cutting processes on all types of keys). We have accumulated data from tens of thousands of car keys, door keys and lock keys distributed across different markets around the world. We manage and constantly update our database so we could provide our customers with the most recent and updated data for key processing.

Key Cutting Machine
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