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Desktop UV Laser Marking Machine,

The Desktop Laser Marking Machine by REDT Inc., where advanced technology meets affordability. Our FL series machines are engineered from years of expertise, ensuring top-notch performance across various industries. Elevate your marking efficiency while cutting costs.

  • Built-in 220mm stroke Z-axis.

  • Large working area of 110 x 110 x 220 mm. 

  • Capable of high-speed marking on various metals. 

  • Supports different marking types; such as standard, black, color, and deep marking.

  • Built-in guide laser pointer for easy engraving position checking. 

  • Built-in automatic and semi-automatic Z-axis control system. 

  • Two focus pointers built-in for easy checking and setting of focus height depending on material height. 

  • Supports marking on cylindrical or pipe-shaped materials with a rotary clamp for external or internal curved surfaces. 

  • High-precision scan head for marking small characters, even hard to identify with the bare eye.  

  • Compact size suitable for installation in tight spaces. 

  • Designed with switches for external device control. 

  • I/O ports support integration with external devices. 

  • Easy control with a direct control switch for the dust collector and built-in AC outlet. 

  • Automatic correction and setting information.

  • Jewelry Optimization
    Any jewelry or accessories can be optimized with the use of our MAGIC-L3 laser marking machine. It specializes in jewelry-marking operations--including complex marking operations on various materials. It is designed to easily perform high-quality marking and cutting work with precision and style.
  • Perfect for Jewelry Shops
    MAGIC™-L3 is perfect for jewelry laser marking at any jewelry retail shop. It offers user-friendly features, high-speed engraving and cutting performance, and produces high-quality, precise and polished marking and cutting results. It has a unique and modern design perfectly suits any jewelry shop or workroom. It is specially designed for any laser marking and cutting work on jewelries as well as personalization and/or customization services.
  • Automatic Features
    MAGIC-L3 is a fully automated laser marking machine that is built with automatic features for easy and quick engraving work for everyone. It is very convenient to use as its functions are executed automatically, and doesn't require any prior knowledge for machine operation.
  • Easy and Quick Marking and Cutting
    MAGIC-L3 offers easy and quick marking and cutting operations with the use of software. It guarantees high-quality cutting and marking results in an instant.
  • Powerful Performance
    MAGIC-L3 is built with a high-power laser of 60W or 100W. It has a detailed output control function that enables powerful cutting and marking performance.
  • Safe To Use
    MAGIC-L3 provides various safety features and devices as well as warnings and precautions for safe the use of the machine. The machine's structure is specially designed to promote user safety during the marking process.

Ease of Use and Versatility

  • Compact size allows effective placement even in small workspaces.

  • User-friendly design, easy installation, and operation. 

  • A sufficiently large workspace accommodates materials of various sizes and shapes.

  • Built-in manual focusing on accurate marking on protruded materials. 

  • Built-in dual focus pointers simplify the process of checking and setting focus heights based on material height. 

  • Fast and easy focus pointer adjustments. 

Advanced Marking Capabilities

  • High-quality marking on various metal surfaces including nameplates and diverse parts.                                                                 

  • Supports different marking types; such as standard, black, color, and deep marking.                                                                                    

  • Power levels adjustable according to application needs.

  • Marks clearly, even on 0.5mm small- sized  characters with high precision.                                                                                                    

  • Supports rotary marking on cylindrical surfaces. 

  • Detachable modular design for easy and quick disassembly. 

Fast and Easy Focus Pointer Settings

  • Built-in dual focus pointers make it easy to check and set focus height according to material height.

  • Manual focusing capability allows precise marking on protruded materials.

High-Speed Marking on Various Metals

  • Accurately marks high-quality markings on various metal materials, including nameplates and parts.

  • Supports different marking types; such as standard, black, color, and deep marking.                                                             

  • Adjustable power levels to suit different applications 

Engraving Small Characters as Tiny as 0.5mm

  • High-precision scan heads can mark characters as tiny as 0.5mm, which is difficult to identify with the bare eye. 

Supports Rotary Marking

  • Connects to a rotary marking device to mark both the outer and inner diameters of cylindrical materials.

  • Designed with a detachable modular structure for easy and quick disassembly. 

I/O Port Support

  • Direct control of the dust collector's power from the device eliminates the inconvenience of manually turning the dust collector on and off.

Technical Specifications

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