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Magic Engraving

Compact Desktop Engraving Machine, MAGIC™-E3

Compact Desktop Engraving Machine

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MAGIC-E3 is a compact engraving machine that enables easy engraving, cutting, and marking on diverse materials with different shapes and sizes. It is built for multi purpose use, and is designed to produce high quality engravings and markings on various products such as signages, souvenirs, promotional gifts, industrial nameplates/parts, etc., and to facilitate cutting and machining on various materials such as acryl, wood, modeling board, etc.

  • Compact Multipurpose Engraving Machine
    MAGIC-E3 is compact in size, easy to use, and features versatile engraving for all.


  • Fast and Easy Engraving, Cutting, and Marking
    It facilitates engraving, cutting, and marking on various kinds of materials with different forms and sizes by built-in camera and material and tool sensors.


  • Advanced and Innovative Features
    It offers innovative functions, outstanding engraving performance, higher resolution and quality, excellent structural stability, and modern aesthetic design. Its features and structure are designed and built following the newest and latest technology. 

Internal camera

Built-in Camera


Supports Bluetooth Connection


Engraving, Cutting and Carving

Automatic functions

Fully Automatic


Supports MagicEngrave™

  • Jewelry Optimization
    Any jewelry or accessories can be optimized with the use of our MAGIC-L3 laser marking machine. It specializes in jewelry-marking operations--including complex marking operations on various materials. It is designed to easily perform high-quality marking and cutting work with precision and style.
  • Perfect for Jewelry Shops
    MAGIC™-L3 is perfect for jewelry laser marking at any jewelry retail shop. It offers user-friendly features, high-speed engraving and cutting performance, and produces high-quality, precise and polished marking and cutting results. It has a unique and modern design perfectly suits any jewelry shop or workroom. It is specially designed for any laser marking and cutting work on jewelries as well as personalization and/or customization services.
  • Automatic Features
    MAGIC-L3 is a fully automated laser marking machine that is built with automatic features for easy and quick engraving work for everyone. It is very convenient to use as its functions are executed automatically, and doesn't require any prior knowledge for machine operation.
  • Easy and Quick Marking and Cutting
    MAGIC-L3 offers easy and quick marking and cutting operations with the use of software. It guarantees high-quality cutting and marking results in an instant.
  • Powerful Performance
    MAGIC-L3 is built with a high-power laser of 60W or 100W. It has a detailed output control function that enables powerful cutting and marking performance.
  • Safe To Use
    MAGIC-L3 provides various safety features and devices as well as warnings and precautions for safe the use of the machine. The machine's structure is specially designed to promote user safety during the marking process.

Compact Desktop Engraving Machine MAGIC-E3

MAGIC-E3 is a 3rd generational multipurpose desktop engraving machine that is built in a compact size. It is designed to produce precise, high-quality engraving, cutting, and marking results on various materials with different forms and sizes. This machine exceeds all other engraving machines as it offers high-quality engravings despite its small size. It provides versatile use, and has a highly-efficient multifunctional feature. Its great structural stability and modern aesthetic design perfectly suits any workshops or workrooms.

It is built for easy and multipurpose use. It directly engraves on various products like labels, name tags, and nameplates, and various materials like acryl and brass. It also engraves and marks on signages, souvenirs, promotional gifts, industrial nameplate/parts, etc., and performs cutting and machining of acryl, wood, modeling board, etc.

Compact in Size yet Provides Versatile Functions 

Fast and Easy Engraving, Cutting, and Marking

MAGIC-E3 is a compact engraving machine that facilitates engraving, cutting, and marking on various kinds of materials with different forms and sizes.

Nameplate engraving

Name/ID Tag Engraving


Parts engraving

Industrial Parts Engraving


Soap stamp carving

Soap Stamp Engraving


Initial cutting

Acrylic Panel Engraving


Nameplate engraving

Nameplate Engraving


Mold engraving

Mold Carving


Initial cutting

Jewelry Cutting & Making


Pendant engraving

Pendant Engraving


2.5D carving

2.5D Carving and Others

Various Fields


  • Engraves on acryl, various kinds of plastics, wood, modeling board, etc.  

  • Marks on all kinds of metals including stainless steel, aluminum, and brass

  • Engraves on glass, plastics, etc.  

  • Cuts gold, silver, brass, aluminum, acryl, various kinds of plastics, wood, etc. 

  • Carves 2.5D relief  

  • Supports different engraving tools such as endmill, V-cutter, and scribing tools

  • Equipped with intuitive and easy engraving position control with the use of an embedded camera and laser

  • Automatically measures the height of the material and tool length

  • Enables cost-efficient maintenance with low-cost supplies

  • Light, compact and easy to use and/operate


Engraving Materials

  • Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc.

  • Titanium

  • Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum

  • ​Brass

  • Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Plated Metal

  • Various kinds of plastics

  • Glass

  • ​Others

Supports Various Engraving

Supports Various Engraving Types

2.5D carving
  • Engraving
    Carves materials with endmill or V-cutter in the desired shape and design.

  • Cutting
    Cuts out materials with endmill.  

  • Milling
    Cuts materials in the desired shape and design.

  • Photo Marking
    Expresses photographs/images in dots.

  • Halftone Engraving
    Expresses photographs/images by surface processing using a cutter.

  • Drilling
    Drills holes in specific distances and depths on material. 

  • 2.5D Carving
    Carves 3D relief models.

  • V-Carving
    Creates letters, patterns, etc. in different engraving depths according to thickness using the V-cutter to make them look solid. 

Supports Cutting of Various Materials

It cuts various materials such as gold, silver, brass, aluminum, wood, acryl, plastics, and waxes into desired forms.