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Fiber Laser Marking Machine, MAGIC™-L3

Magic Engraving

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine

MAGIC-L3 is a fiber laser marking and cutting machine especially designed for jewelers. It is designed with a high-grade structure and a modern design, and provides outstanding marking and cutting performance. It is built to make jewelry operations fast and easy with the use of a fiber laser. This machine comes with a variety of automatic functions and features that enable anyone to operate the machine with simplicity and ease. Its revolutionary functions ensure high-precision, high-quality, and high-speed marking with a polished and shiny finish on any jewelry products. 

  • Designed for Jewelry Marking and Cutting
    MAGIC-L3 is a laser marking machine majorly used in the jewelry industry to make complex jewelry work simple yet precise. It is especially designed for jewelers to make their cutting and marking work on jewelries easy and fast with ensured high quality results.


  • Fully Automatic Laser Marking Machine
    MAGIC-L3 comes with a variety of automatic features that enable easy operation of the machine. Anyone is able to use this machine as it is fully automated, and features a user-friendly software. It ensures easy and fast marking and cutting with automatic operation.

  • Modern Design Style Suitable for Jewelry Retail Shop
    MAGIC-L3 is perfect for in-store use. Its user-friendly features, high-speed marking performance, exceptional marking quality, and its unique and modern design perfectly suit any jewelry retail shops or workrooms for any laser marking work on jewelries as well as personalization or customization services.

Jewelry engraving

Perfect for Jewelry Marking

Jewelry cutting

Marking and Cutting

Automatic functions

7 Automatic Functions

Rotary clamp

Cable-less Docking Rotary Clamp


Various Power Options


Supports MagicEngrave™


  • Jewelry Optimization
    Any jewelry or accessories can be optimized with the use of our MAGIC-L3 laser marking machine. It specializes in jewelry-marking operations--including complex marking operations on various materials. It is designed to easily perform high-quality marking and cutting work with precision and style.
  • Perfect for Jewelry Shops
    MAGIC™-L3 is perfect for jewelry laser marking at any jewelry retail shop. It offers user-friendly features, high-speed engraving and cutting performance, and produces high-quality, precise and polished marking and cutting results. It has a unique and modern design perfectly suits any jewelry shop or workroom. It is specially designed for any laser marking and cutting work on jewelries as well as personalization and/or customization services.
  • Automatic Features
    MAGIC-L3 is a fully automated laser marking machine that is built with automatic features for easy and quick engraving work for everyone. It is very convenient to use as its functions are executed automatically, and doesn't require any prior knowledge for machine operation.
  • Easy and Quick Marking and Cutting
    MAGIC-L3 offers easy and quick marking and cutting operations with the use of software. It guarantees high-quality cutting and marking results in an instant.
  • Powerful Performance
    MAGIC-L3 is built with a high-power laser of 60W or 100W. It has a detailed output control function that enables powerful cutting and marking performance.
  • Safe To Use
    MAGIC-L3 provides various safety features and devices as well as warnings and precautions for safe the use of the machine. The machine's structure is specially designed to promote user safety during the marking process.

Fully Automated Laser Marking Machine MAGIC - L3

Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Jewelry

Redt’s MAGIC-L3 is a third-generation fiber laser marking machine that is developed from the first- and second-generation marking machines. It is a unique, high performing laser marking machine that offers exceptional laser marking and cutting functions. It is designed with revolutionary functions, outstanding performance, high grade structure, and a minimal yet elegant and modern design. It features easy-to-use software for easy machine operation, and offers a variety of support tools and device options for fast, easy and smooth laser marking and cutting on various jewelry products.

It embodies Redt’s outstanding laser marking technologies. It is built and designed to fulfill our customers' diverse needs, and to outperform the marking performance of all the other laser marking machines in the market.

Various Marking Options

MAGIC-L3's MOPA laser source is high performing, with a power output that ranges from 20W to 100W that allow the use of the machine for various purposes such as color marking, high-power cutting and other various marking and cutting operations for items with different heights.

Laser marking
  • Extensive Pulse Control that Enables Perfect Black and White Marking
    L3's perfect black and white marking operations are executed via extensive pulse repetition rates that ranges from 37 to 600KHz or 1~4000KHz and pulse width at 200ns or a width range from 2 to 500ns.

  • Multi-Toolpath System Perfect for Complicated Operations 
    L3’s multi-toolpath system has a variety of marking and cutting options which save you time processing even the most complex operations.


  • High-Powered Laser for Powerful Cutting and Deep Marking 
    High-powered 60W/100W laser beam enables complicated cuttings and deep markings on a variety of jewelry materials.


  • Easy Marking on Curved Surfaces 
    L3 auto-focuses on curved surfaces and makes marking on curved materials fast and easy.


  • Auto-leveling Marking on Materials with Different Heights 
    L3 auto-levels the height of the materials to allow easy and simultaneous marking on materials with different heights.

Easy Positioning via Built-in Camera

MAGIC-L3 has a built-in camera which allows you to check the position and the size of the material on your screen. It makes the positioning of your material convenient, and makes your markings faster and easier.

Fiber laser marking machine
  • Easy Positioning of Engraving Design/Image 
    Positioning the design/image becomes a lot easy with the use of L3's built-in camera. You can freely position your design/image's composition on the surface of the material, and determine where the engraving design/image would be placed at--intuitively, locate the right position, and adjust the position with ease.

  • Easy Engraving for Complex Materials
    Engraving on materials with complex and irregular shape is made quick and easy because of L3's built-in camera. It allows you to freely position your design/image's composition on the area where you want it to be engraved, and enables you to perfectly position it right on the surface of the material with ease. 

  • Easy-to-Fit Angle
    Fitting the angle of your design/image on the surface of the material is made simple because of L3's built-in camera. It allows you to freely rotate the composition on the material captured by its camera.

Fiber laser marking machine

Auto Focus

MAGIC-L3 offers auto-focus feature for easy and precise focus on the material to be engraved and/cut.

* Autofocusing is a secondary feature and may not work due to lighting, reflectivity, angle, color, etc. 

  • Automatically Determines the Height of the Material
    Auto focusing feature enables height detection of the material. It auto focuses to the height of the material with a single press of a button!


  • Rotary-Based Auto Focusing System
    Auto focusing activates automatically to the size of the materials like rings and bangles fixed to the rotary clamp.

3-Axis Focus Pointers

MAGIC-L3 offers auto-focus feature for easy and precise focus on the material to be engraved and/cut.

  • 3-Axis Focus Pointers
    If the 2-axis focus pointers doesn't reach on the material to be engraved, the 3-axis focus pointers enables you to use the guide laser beam shot directly down on the material for focusing on any type of material.  

Detachable Rotary Device and Wireless Docking Station

L3 comes with the wireless Load-N-Go docking system that allows you to connect various auxiliary devices to the laser marking machine.

Fiber laser marking machine
  • Load-N-Go Docking Station Which Automatically Detects the Rotary Clamp 
    L3 features a Load-N-Go function for easy and time saving marking. When a rotary clamp is attached, L3 automatically activates Rotary Marking mode and when its removed, it automatically activates Flat Surface Marking mode. 

  • Wireless Docking Station for Easy Marking Mode Conversion
    Pendant and Ring marking mode is automatically activated by simply inserting/attaching the cable-less docking clamp then sliding it to the side to lock.  


  • Built-in Rotary Clamp for Flat Surface Marking Without Removing the Clamp
    L3's built in rotary clamp saves you time from lifting and removing the clamp. By simply sliding it to the side, you can easily start flat surface marking.


Auto-Tilting for Easy Rotary Marking

MAGIC-L3's auto tilting feature saves you the time and hassle from manually adjusting the angle of the material based on its width and diameter. It automatically adjusts the angle for easy marking.

Fiber laser marking machine
Rotary Clamp Specification
  • Additional Rotation Axis for Ring Marking
    Adjusting the angle manually for ring marking is no longer necessary as the auto tilting function does the job for you! It automatically adjusts the angle of the ring for easy and fast marking!

Elegant Design

MAGIC-L3's clean, modern yet minimal design is perfect for any work spaces!

  • Smallest Size in Its Category
    L3 comes in a size of a laser printer yet it offers a variety of amazing features! 


  • Perfectly Fits Any Space
    L3's clean, modern yet minimal design perfectly suits all types of work spaces! Who doesn't want a marking machine that's chic and modern in their work spaces, right?


  • Clean-Back for Neat Cable Management
    L3 is designed with a Clean-Back! All cables and cords are neatly organized and hidden at the back to prevent them from sticking out and looking messy.

Various Automatic Features

MAGIC-L3 is designed with automatic features to provide customers with the best, the safest and the most convenient marking experience!

  • Automatic Positioning of the Scan Head
    Electric Z-axis automatically positions the scan head and enables auto-focusing, marking on materials with different heights, and marking on curved surfaces.


  • Automatic Safety Door
    The door automatically shuts during marking then opens when marking is done. It prevents our users from injuries caused by invisible rays and metal dust/fume.


  • Automatic On/Off Switching of Dust Collector 
    The dust collector is an essential device that ensures the safe use of a laser marking machine. L3 directly controls operation of the dust collector for the safety and convenience of users. The device automatically turns on during marking then turns off when marking is done. It also saves energy, produces less noise and prevents dust from getting out.


  • Machine Status-Indicating Lights
    L3 comes with status lights that indicate the status of the machine in order for users to easily recognize whether the machine is connected or disconnected, operating or nonoperating, giving warning or troubleshooting, and so on.

Low Noise Adaptive Cooling System

MAGIC-L3 comes with a noise-reduction device for a favorable working environment.

  • Adaptive Cooling System for Quiet Operations 
    Noise is unavoidable when using marking machines indoors as their noise is generated from their cooling fans. Hence, L3 is built with an adaptive cooling system that reduces the noise level during operation which makes it ideal and perfect for indoor use.

Various Safety Features

MAGIC-L3 is designed with various safety features to ensure our customers' safety. 

  • Open Type? No! Safe Chamber Type 
    The chamber-type structure prevents injuries that are caused by invisible rays and metal dust/fume generated during marking operations.


  • Class 1 Laser Product
    L3 guarantees users' safety as it is designed to keep users from laser exposure below the maximum allowed exposure of a Class 1 Laser Product. 


  • Goggles? No! Vision Protection Viewing Window
    L3’s safety door has a certified vision protection viewing window that enables users to directly witness the marking process during machine operation.


  • Smart Safety Device! Automated Dust Collector Control
    The automated dust collector control prevents users from getting exposed to dust, or fume generated during marking or cutting operations, and in case of mishandling/user error.


  • Safety and Safety! Double Safety Sensor
    L3’s double safety sensor stops laser beam radiation instantly in case of mishandling/user error.

Easy-to-Use Software – MagicEngrave™

MAGIC-L3 comes with an exclusive software program called MagicEngrave. It is a program designed to make laser marking simple, easy and noncomplicated for everyone. With this software, users can easily access and control MAGIC-L3's various features and marking options. 

  • Easy and Fast CAD/CAM Software
    MagicEngrave allows you to manage designs, create toolpaths and control the laser machine. It also makes laser marking operations (e.g., marking, cutting and deep marking) faster and easier.


  • Easy Selection of Designs
    You can run various design options like scan line, outline, single line and contour line markings, cutting, deep marking, photo marking and V-cut marking in just one click.


  • Easy to Learn, Easy to Use Software
    You can easily learn to make your own designs, make markings and cuttings in less than 5 minutes.

  • Compatible with Various Other Programs
    MagicEngrave is perfectly compatible with other programs like Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, AutoCAD, and etc.

Why is MagicEngrave So Special?

Intuitive interface: anyone can easily learn and use

Various functions: composing designs, engraving with various styles and patterns and photo marking


Compatibility: enables importing of files with various formats from other commercial programs

MagicEngrave is a program developed for easy use of our laser marking machines. This software allows you to control your marking and cutting, make your own designs, create toolpaths, and make your laser marking operations easier and faster. 


MagicEngrave allows you to work with various MAGIC-L3 features and functions to make laser marking and cutting operations easy and fast. It also offers excellent compatibility with other programs, and comes with an intuitive user interface.

Experience the new paradigm of laser marking that MagicEngrave offers!

Optional Items

Auto Tilt Rotary Clamp

Used for holding rings in place.

L3 Rotary clamp

Pendant Clamp

Used for holding materials that come in a variety of shapes in place.

L3 Pendant Clamp

Honeycomb Table

Used for holding a thin plate in place during cutting process.

L3 Honeycomb Table

L-Type Clamp

Used for holding a material with an inclined surface in place, or when manually marking a ring.

L3 L-type Clamp

Pendant Clamp (Self-centering) 

Used for holding materials that come in a variety of shapes in place.

L3 Pendant Clamp

Anticurling Clamp 

Used for holding a thin plate in place during cutting process.

L3 Anticurling Clamp
Magic Engraving

Technical Specifications

L3 Dimenssion

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MAGIC™-L3 Main features

Watch the main features of the MAGIC™-L3. 

MAGIC™-L3 Laser photo marking 

Watch the laser photo marking with MAGIC™-L3

MAGIC™-L3 Inner&outer of a ring marking

Watch the inner&outer of a ring marking with MAGIC™-L3

MAGIC™-L3 Laser deep marking

Watch the laser deep marking with MAGIC™-L3


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