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Magic Engraving
CO2 Laser Marking Machine,

The MAGIC™-N5 is a CO2 laser marking machine developed using the advanced technology and innovative control techniques derived from our previous model, the CL40.

As a user-friendly design, the N5 introduces a new control system using a touch display, providing improved usability and diversity in automation systems. These features allow users to operate the laser marker faster, easier, safely and more accurately compared to competitive products.

  • Pass-Through Slot : Allows for the processing of longer   materials without pre-cutting by feeding them through the slot, enabling continuous cutting.

  • Built-in Wireless Communication : Equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for seamless wireless connectivity.

  • Camera Positioning System : Integrated camera for precise material positioning within the engraving area.

  • Roller Vice : Allows marking on cylindrical or pipe-shaped materials.

  • Adaptive System : External devices operate only when necessary to save energy.

  • Touch Display : Embedded touch display for device status indication and control.

  • Efficient Airflow Structure : Designed for effective dust and gas emission.

  • Jewelry Optimization
    Any jewelry or accessories can be optimized with the use of our MAGIC-L3 laser marking machine. It specializes in jewelry-marking operations--including complex marking operations on various materials. It is designed to easily perform high-quality marking and cutting work with precision and style.
  • Perfect for Jewelry Shops
    MAGIC™-L3 is perfect for jewelry laser marking at any jewelry retail shop. It offers user-friendly features, high-speed engraving and cutting performance, and produces high-quality, precise and polished marking and cutting results. It has a unique and modern design perfectly suits any jewelry shop or workroom. It is specially designed for any laser marking and cutting work on jewelries as well as personalization and/or customization services.
  • Automatic Features
    MAGIC-L3 is a fully automated laser marking machine that is built with automatic features for easy and quick engraving work for everyone. It is very convenient to use as its functions are executed automatically, and doesn't require any prior knowledge for machine operation.
  • Easy and Quick Marking and Cutting
    MAGIC-L3 offers easy and quick marking and cutting operations with the use of software. It guarantees high-quality cutting and marking results in an instant.
  • Powerful Performance
    MAGIC-L3 is built with a high-power laser of 60W or 100W. It has a detailed output control function that enables powerful cutting and marking performance.
  • Safe To Use
    MAGIC-L3 provides various safety features and devices as well as warnings and precautions for safe the use of the machine. The machine's structure is specially designed to promote user safety during the marking process.
MAGIC Engraving
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Pass-Through Slot

  • Allows for the processing of longer materials without pre-cutting by feeding them through the slot, enabling continuous cutting.

Camera Positioning System

  • The integrated camera captures the material within the laser engraving area, transmitting the image added to size and position data to the software, making operation intuitive and easy for anyone.

Automation Functions

  • Automatic Z-axis Control
    Built-in Z-axis for simple head movement and auto-focusing.

  • Automatic Height Measurement
    Facilitates quick and accurate focus adjustments for consistent engraving quality.

Wireless Communication

  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for data transfer enables control via tablets and smartphones without a computer. 

External Device Support

  • Ports for connecting various external devices to expand functionality.

Touch Display and Status Indicators

  • Detailed status display and control options, with lights indicating the machine's operational state.

External Device Control

  • Direct control of external devices through touch display settings.

LightBurn Software Support

  • Compatible with LightBurn software for enhanced functionality.

Easy-to-Use Software – MagicEngrave™

MAGIC-N5 comes with an exclusive software program called MagicEngrave. It is a program designed to make laser marking simple, easy and noncomplicated for everyone. With this software, users can easily access and control MAGIC-N5's various features and marking options. 

  • Easy and Fast CAD/CAM Software
    MagicEngrave allows you to manage designs, create toolpaths and control the laser machine. It also makes laser marking operations faster and easier.


  • Easy Selection of Designs
    You can run various design options like scan line, outline, single line and contour line markings, deep marking, photo marking and V-cut marking in just one click.


  • Easy to Learn, Easy to Use Software
    You can easily learn to make your own designs, make markings in less than 5 minutes.

  • Compatible with Various Other Programs
    MagicEngrave is perfectly compatible with other programs like Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and AutoCAD, and etc.

Why is MagicEngrave So Special?

Intuitive interface: anyone can easily learn and use

Various functions: composing designs, engraving with various styles and patterns and photo marking


Compatibility: enables importing of files with various formats from other commercial programs

MagicEngrave is a program developed for easy use of our laser marking machines. This software allows you to control your marking, make your own designs, create toolpaths, and make your laser marking operations easier and faster. 


MagicEngrave allows you to work with various MAGIC-L2 features and functions to make jewelry marking operations easy and fast. It also offers excellent compatibility with other programs, and comes with an intuitive user interface.

Experience the new paradigm of laser marking that MagicEngrave offers!

Technical Specifications


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