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Mobile Engraving Software

MAGIC™ Touch


MAGIC™ Tablet is a mobile engraving program, designed to help users to engrave with ease with the use of a PC tablet. It allows users to easily connect to any MAGIC™ Series products with built-in Bluetooth device, making it convenient for them to create designs and engrave in no time. 

MAGIC™ Tablet offers intuitive interface for easy engraving, enables touch-based operation with single tapping, designing or drawing on touch and has a wireless feature for quick and easy engraving.

Supported Products

  • MAGIC™-E7, MAGIC™-E4, MAGIC™-E3  

  • MAGIC™-S7, MAGIC™-S4, MAGIC™-S3 

  • MAGIC™-1S, MAGIC™-2S, MAGIC™-5S 


  • Pendent Engraving 

  • Ring Engraving 

  • Pen Engraving 

  • Other Engraving Operations

MagicTablet Application Download




Touch-Based Mobile Software

This touch-based software program allows you to control the engraving machine with the use of any tablet devices or smartphones.

Communication solutions


Communication Solutions

You can involve your customers with the designing. Your customers can either create or choose their own design and engrave, giving them a special, first-hand experience of engraving their own product!



Easy-to-Learn and Easy-to-Use

This easy-to-learn and easy-to-use program offers an intuitive interface operation that allows you to create your design with a tablet and immediately transfer the data to the machine in no time.

Wireless control


Wireless Control

Without using a computer or any cable connectors, you can wirelessly operate the machine and transfer all data via Bluetooth.

Involve your Customers in the Engraving Process

Give your customers a unique and meaningful experience by getting them involved in the engraving process.

This can help you increase your sales and provide better customer experience for your customers!

How to get your customers involved?

1. Allow them to select a material for engraving.

2. Allow them to select a style for engraving (upon instruction).

3. Allow them to enter their message to engrave on the tablet.

4. Allow them to select a font style and size.

5. Allow them to select the area to engrave their message on the workpiece.

6. Allow them to select an engraving method. 

7. Allow them to operate the program and transfer the engraving data to the machine (upon instruction).

Sales team

*MAGIC™ Tablet is a program designed for easy use. It allows anyone to engrave their designs and operate our engravers with a tablet in just a single tapping and drawing on touch!


Text Editing and Font Options

You can enter and edit your text freely and select any text design, font style and size of your choosing.

Creating Objects and Changing Object Properties

You can freely create objects like circles, squares, rectangles, polygons, text boxes, circular texts, etc., and modify their properties.

Editing Object Properties (Location, Rotation, Size)

You can easily change the location of your object and modify its angle or size by simply tapping on the screen.

Design Templates

MAGIC-Tablet offers a wide selection of materials and design templates you can choose from.

Hand Drawing

MAGIC-Tablet’s drawing on touch feature allows you to freely create your text design or draw directly on the tablet screen and engrave in no time.

Creating  Fingerprints/Speech Waveforms

With MAGIC-Tablet, you can create fingerprint and speech waveform designs using the fingerprint scanner and microphone on your laptop.



Hatching Lines

A type of toolpath that fills in horizontal or vertical line patterns on your text design.

Hatching lines



A type of toolpath that marks the outline of your text design with a single line.



Single Lines

A type of toolpath that marks single line pattern on your text design.

Single lines


Photo Engraving

A type of toolpath that marks an image with dots.

Photo engraving
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