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Discover the MIRACLE Key Cutting Machines for Efficient and Precise Key Duplication

Key cutting machines are devices used to create duplicate or replacement keys and are commonly found in locksmith shops, hardware stores, and automotive service centers. 

MIRACLE is the brand name of the Redt's key cutting machine. 

MIRACLE is highly reliable, fully automated, state-of-the-art electronic key cutting machines that are integrated with Tablet PCs or any smart mobile phones to enable safe, fast and convenient processing, duplication and cutting of various keys.  

Developed with automated data processors for processing tens of thousands of car keys, door keys, lock keys etc., Redt's key cutting machines guarantee easy, precise and consistent key duplicates in no time.  

They feature fully guided key cutting procedures, making them the most ideal machines for inexperienced and experienced locksmiths and/or key cutters. 

MIRACLE offers two models: MIRACLE-S10 and MIRACLE-A9 Edge

Here are some key points about these machines, emphasizing the fact that they are steady sellers and highlighting why many users worldwide prefer MIRACLE key-cutting machines. 


Automatic Key cutting machine, MIRACLE-A9 Edge 

: Miracle A9 EDGE is designed with the most advanced and latest key cutting technology and data processing system that allow quick and easy processing, duplication and cutting of various kinds of keys such as car keys, house keys, lock keys as well as other complex types of keys such as tibbe keys, tubular keys, dimple keys domestic keys, etc. 

High Speed and Powerful Cutting Force 

: Utilizes ball screw and LM guide for precise and accurate, high speed and powerful cutting force. 

Wireless Connection via Bluetooth and Detachable Tablet PC  

: Connects wirelessly to Bluetooth for wireless control and operation. 

Various Detachable Clamps 

: Various clamps are available for processing different types of keys. 


Automatic key cutting machine, MIRACLE-S10 

: Miracle S10 offers an all-in-one solution for all automobile and domestic keys who are looking for the most reliable, easy-to-use, high-speed key cutting machine in the market. 

Fully Automatic Key Decoding and Measurement System 

: Auto performs calibrations on clamps and jaws and auto decodes and measures key dimensions and position. 


High Speed Cutting Performance 

: Equipped with the latest and most powerful motor for much faster key cutting performance. 


Touch and Tap Control System 

: Integrated with a large 10" Tablet PC for for easier and faster control of the machine via Touch and Tap system. 





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