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Metal Scribing
Magic Engraving

Scribing Machines

Scribing is an engraving method used for engraving various metal and plastic materials such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel at a high-speed and force with the use of a diamond or carbide dragging tool. It is a low-cost, yet fast and efficient engraving method that produces precise, high-quality, and lasting engravings on various materials. Our MAGIC™ scribing machines are of the best quality, with ensured durability and authentic modern designs. They are designed to engrave on materials that come in various sizes, forms and shapes, and provide various line pattern engravings and image engravings.

MAGIC™ Scribing Machine

  • Easy to use

  • Comes with various automatic functions

  • Runs quietly

  • Produces precise, high-quality engravings with a polished finish 

  • Easy machine operation for everyone

  • Trusted and guaranteed product quality

Pet tag Scribing

MAGIC-S7 is a 4-axis multifunctional engraving machine with both flat and rotary engraving functions that enables safe, fast and easy engraving of jewelries in various shapes, forms, sizes and materials. This machine engraves on the inside and outside of a ring/bangle as well as pendants, bracelets and/or accessories such as pens, tumblers, gifts, etc. 


MAGIC-S4 is a multifunctional flatbed scribing machine that engraves on a wide range of materials and items in all sizes such as industrial nameplates, pendants, pet tags and on various machine parts. 


MAGIC-S3 is a multifunctional scribing engraving machine that is compact in size. This machine has a multipurpose function that allows easy and quick engraving and marking on items such as jewelries, pet tags, accessories, cosmetic cases, perfume cases, industrial name plates, industrial parts, etc. 


MAGIC-5S is a multifunctional scribing machine that engraves on pendants and on the inside and outside of a ring with ease and less noise. This machine is built with a wireless Bluetooth compatible with any tablet PC.  


MAGIC-2S is a scribing machine that engraves texts and images on metal surfaces like gold, silver, brass, stainless steel, etc. with the use of a diamond scribing tool. This machine creates less noise and is easy to use for any metal surface work such as pet tags, pendants, jewelries, etc.


MAGIC-1S is an engraving machine that engraves on inside and outside rings. It’s light, sophisticated, quiet, and easy to use. It supports Bluetooth connection, compatible with any tablet PC.

Clamps, Tools and Accessories

​A variety of clamps, tools and other auxiliary devices are provided to enable fast, convenient and efficient work.

Provides information on various clamps, tools and other devices that enable easy use of our scribing machines and their functions. 

Product Comparison Table

​Find the product that best suits you using our product comparison table below.

Compatible with any Tablet PCs

All Magic™ scribing machines allow easy engraving operation via Bluetooth connection with the use of a tablet.
Bluetooth connection

Customer-Tablet Interaction

Easy Access to Engraving Services via Tablet 

Engraving procedure

Points to Remember When Using the Tablet 

Scribing machine
Scribing machine

Involve your customers

  • Encourage your customers to engrave their own special days, thoughts and feelings, and/or special memories on their product.

  • Let your customers take part in the engraving process.

  • Let them experience the fun process of engraving; this can bring positive memory to the shop/brand!

Communicate with your customer about his/her preferences

  • Active participation of the customer during the engraving process can lead to customer satisfaction.

  • Good interaction between the customer and the shop can lead to customer loyalty and repurchase of the product.

  • Good customer experience can create potential buyers through the word of mouth.

Just Tap on the Screen

  • Show your customer how fun the engraving process is with just a tap on the screen!

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