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Magic Engraving
Embossing Die Engraving Machine

IMP-C1 is a compact, fully-automated embossing die engraving machine that facilitates engraving into brass or acrylic molds which are used to produce hot leather stamp molds, hot foil stamp molds, Thomson dies, and soap stamps. It is especially equipped with two tools: roughing tool and finishing tool. These tools rotate at a speed of 15,000RPM and does automatic switching to produce a precise, high-quality embossing die in an instant.

  • Fully-Automated 
    IMP-C1’s vise for brass mold along with its auto-measure feature makes engraving a lot easier for anyone. By simply positioning the workpiece in the vise, engraving is done right away.


  • Easy-to-Use Machine
    IMP-C1 is a fully automated machine that does all the engraving work upon positioning the workpiece. It is built for easy use to eliminate the complexity of engraving into brass molds.


  • Materials with Various Standard Sizes
    We, Redt supply a variety of materials which come in various standard sizes for making molds.


Both Roughing and Finishing Tools

Only for brass engraving

Embossing Die Engraving

Automatic functions

Fully Automated Features


Program Provided

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Embossing Die Engraving Machine, IMP-C1

Redt's innovative technologies have led to the invention of a unique, CNC metal engraving machine that is built in a compact size. IMP-C1 is the world’s smallest and most powerful 2-in-1 desktop mold engraving machine that efficiently engraves into brass molds in the most convenient and quickest way possible. Its size is greatly reduced to the size of a small desktop device which is way smaller than the typical industrial-level engraving machine.  

IMP-C1 is designed for easy use to allow anyone to make engravings on brass or acrylic (which are used to make hot leather stamp molds, hot foil stamp molds, Thomson dies and soap stamps) fast and easy. It is fully-automated, and is equipped with two tools: roughing tool and finishing tool which rotate at a speed of 15,000RPM, and does automatic switching to produce a precise, high-quality embossing die in an instant.

Embossing Die
Engraving Machine

Engraving Machine for Brass Molds

IMP-C1 is an ultra-compact, fully-automated mold engraving machine that facilitates engraving into brass or acrylic molds to produce hot leather stamp molds, hot foil stamp molds, soap stamps and many more.

Brass mold engraving

Hot Stamp Molds

Leather Crafts

Soap stamp engraving

Soap Stamps

Organic Soap Crafts

Brass mold engraving

Thomson Dies

Leather Crafts

Metal stamp engraving

Letterpress, Hot Foil Molds, Seals, Etc. 

Other types of molds 

Brass mold engraving

Pottery Stamps


Compact, Fully-Automated, Easy to Use Engraving Machine

​IMP-C1 is built small, and fully automated for easy use. It is equipped with an auto measurement sensor that does the auto measuring of the workpiece's height and the tool's length then immediately proceeds to engrave on the workpiece upon positioning it in the vice. 

Easy to use


Making molds is now made simpler and faster--as easy as using a printer!

Various Potential Products 

A variety of potential products can be produced via mold processing. IMP-C1 is uniquely designed to engrave long messages on molds where a conventional type mold is incapable of. By being creative, any type of molds can be created as shown below:


Try engraving all letters in various different languages


Try engraving various different patterns. 


Try creating cutting dies. 


Try hot stamping long messages


Try hot stamping handwritten words. 


Instead of combining type molds, try engraving letters in beautiful fonts.


Trying creating unique hot stamps with raised patterns. 

High-Performing and High-Powered CNC Engraving Machine 

IMP-C1 is compact in size yet guarantees a powerful, superb engraving performance.

  • It is equipped with a roughing tool and a finishing tool that are durable, of high quality, and long lasting.

  • Its tools run at a speed of 15,000RPM which auto-switches during engraving process.

  • It comes with a vise that firmly holds the workpiece in place.

  • It has a 75mm x 45mm working area that is perfect for any type of mold engraving.

  • It has an embedded set screw spindle that allows easy tool exchange.

  • It is built with an auto-measure sensor that automatically detects the length of tools and height of the material.

  • Materials (of different sizes) are available for purchase at an affordable price. 

Powerful motor

Easy Access to Materials with Standard Sizes 

Easy Access to Materials used for Mold Engraving

Redt supplies materials in different standard sizes used for engraving molds at an affordable price.  


Engraving Made Easy for Everyone 

Easy and Quick MagicEngrave™ Software

MagicEngrave is a user-friendly software developed to make mold engraving easy and fast for everyone.

  • MagicEngrave provides an easy-to-use software that allows anyone to easily make designs and engrave into molds.

  • MagicEngrave is an intuitively designed software developed to make our engraving machines easy to learn and quick to operate.

  • MagicEngrave provides a wide range of letters and font designs to select from.

  • MagicEngrave allows importing of designs, logos or image files to engrave on the workpiece.

  • MagicEngrave allows easy machine operations as all operations are executed automatically. The user's main and sole task is to simply locate and create the design to be engraved on the workpiece.

A Wide Selection of Font Styles and Sizes 

MagicEngrave gains access and makes use of all the fonts installed on your computer when creating your workpiece designs. Hence, you can have a wide selection of font styles and font sizes that you can freely choose from.

Brass mold
Brass mold

Instant Engraving Upon Import

MagicEngrave allows you to import a logo/image file of your choice then immediately engraves it on your workpiece.  

Brass mold engraving

What’s So Special About IMP-C1 ?

IMP-C1 saves you time and money

20 to 40 minutes engraving time! 

No need to wait long; just start engraving!

Redt supplies materials at affordable prices!

Be bolder; start making various hot stamps now!