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Multipurpose Flatbed Scribing Machine, MAGIC™-S4 


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Magic Engraving
Multipurpose Flatbed Scribing Machine,

MAGIC-S4 is a third-generation multipurpose flatbed scribing machine with a large form factor. It is an engraving machine perfect for engraving on flat-type materials that come in different sizes. It is built and designed to produce precise, high-quality engravings on a variety of products like labels, tags and nameplates. It is also made easy and possible for multipurpose use, and engrave on items like signages, souvenirs, promotional materials, industrial name plate/parts, and many other products.  

  • Wider Work Area
    It features a wider engraving area work with an open front to support easy engraving and expansion of materials that come in different sizes and forms. 


  • Advanced and Innovative Features

    It offers innovative functions, outstanding engraving performance, higher resolution and quality, great structural stability, and modern aesthetic design. Its features and structure are newly designed and built following the newest and latest technology. 

  • Third Generation Latest Motor Control System  

    Its motor control system controls the machine with a resolution that is twice larger than its previous model. It creates a more detailed and enhanced engraving results with higher marking quality, and a reduced level of noise during machine operation. ​

Equipped with a Flatbed Clamp

Internal camera

Built-in Camera 


Supports Bluetooth Connection

Diamond tip


Automatic functions

Fully Automatic


Supports MagicEngrave™

  • Jewelry Optimization
    Any jewelry or accessories can be optimized with the use of our MAGIC-L3 laser marking machine. It specializes in jewelry-marking operations--including complex marking operations on various materials. It is designed to easily perform high-quality marking and cutting work with precision and style.
  • Perfect for Jewelry Shops
    MAGIC™-L3 is perfect for jewelry laser marking at any jewelry retail shop. It offers user-friendly features, high-speed engraving and cutting performance, and produces high-quality, precise and polished marking and cutting results. It has a unique and modern design perfectly suits any jewelry shop or workroom. It is specially designed for any laser marking and cutting work on jewelries as well as personalization and/or customization services.
  • Automatic Features
    MAGIC-L3 is a fully automated laser marking machine that is built with automatic features for easy and quick engraving work for everyone. It is very convenient to use as its functions are executed automatically, and doesn't require any prior knowledge for machine operation.
  • Easy and Quick Marking and Cutting
    MAGIC-L3 offers easy and quick marking and cutting operations with the use of software. It guarantees high-quality cutting and marking results in an instant.
  • Powerful Performance
    MAGIC-L3 is built with a high-power laser of 60W or 100W. It has a detailed output control function that enables powerful cutting and marking performance.
  • Safe To Use
    MAGIC-L3 provides various safety features and devices as well as warnings and precautions for safe the use of the machine. The machine's structure is specially designed to promote user safety during the marking process.

Multipurpose Flatbed Scribing Machine, MAGIC™-S4

MAGIC-S4 is the perfect engraving machine for engraving flat-type materials with different sizes. It is built and designed for multipurpose use, and offers revolutionary features and functions for easy use. This third-generation multipurpose flatbed engraving machine provides outstanding engraving performance, a strong and reliable structural stability, and a modern aesthetic design that is perfect for any workshops/workrooms.


It is easy and simple to use, and provides a wide range of functions and a powerful performance to satisfy our customers' needs. It is especially designed to deal with all the complex aspects of engraving, and makes engraving on labels, name tags and nameplates quick and easy, as well as on gifts, signages, souvenirs, promotional materials, industrial name plate/parts, and many other products.

Multipurpose Flatbed

Multipurpose Scribing Machine

MAGIC-S4 is a multipurpose scribing machine that is ideally used for engraving various items with various materials. It leaves a shiny, polished, high quality finish on items like pendants, pet tags, cosmetics, watches, military identification tags, Zippo lighters, machine nameplates, gift items, etc.

Nameplate scribing


Industrial Supplies

Pet tag scribing

Pet Tags

Pet Supplies

Parts scribing


Industrial Supplies

Military tag scribing

Military IDs

Military Accessories

Plastic scribing


Beauty Supplies 

Bottle scribing

Gifts and Other Products
Various Fields

Lasting, Permanent, High-quality, and Polished Finish 

It utilizes diamond scribing method to engrave letters, logos, patterns, photos/images, etc. by pressing metals (e.g., aluminum, metal and surgical steel, as well as precious metals like gold, silver, etc.) and non-metals (e.g., plastic and glass) with a diamond tool. Diamond scribing is efficiently used in various fields, and is characterized as the easiest and fastest engraving method that produces high-quality engraving results.

Pendant scribing machine

​💡 Benefits of Diamond Scribing

  • Creates a deep, lasting, permanent mark

  • Engraves on all metals, glasses and plastics

  • Leaves a shiny, smooth, polished finish

  • Easy, fast and quiet engraving

  • Engraves on curved surfaces

  • Safe to use scribing tools

  • Simple and easy engraving operation for everyone

Support Various Engraving Types

It enables application of various effects on engravings to create high-quality marks. 

  • Hatching Line
    Creates horizontal or vertical line patterns at regular intervals. 

  • Diagonal/Cross Line
    Creates diagonal or X-shaped cross line patterns at regular intervals. 

  • Contour Line
    Creates line patterns by filling the border lines.

  • Outline
    Creates border line patterns.

  • Single Line
    Creates single line patterns.

  • Photo Marking
    Creates photographs/images with dots. 

Engraves on Various Materials

​It engraves on following materials:

  • Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum

  • Titanium

  • Aluminum (with anodizing)

  • Brass

  • Steel

  • Stainless steel, surgical steel

  • Plated metal

  • Plastic (with some exceptions)

  • Glass

  • ​Other

User-friendly Functions for Easy and Quick Engraving for Everyone

Auto Measurement 

​It has built-in height measurement sensors that automatically measure the height of the material to be engraved.

  • The machine has auto measurement sensor that detects the height of the material. 

  • It sets the tool to its origin point automatically.

  • It is designed for quick and easy use as users no longer need to adjust the tools manually.

Easy Control of Engraving Position

​It has a built-in camera that provides fast and easy control of the engraving position.

  • The machine enables intuitive operation through the use of an embedded camera that directly shows the engraving area on the material.

  • A laser pointer is also built in for users to easily locate and adjust the engraving position.


  • It is designed for quick and easy engraving for all as no preparation is needed.

​💡Experience faster, high-quality engraving with the use of a built-in camera !!!

  • Easy Positioning of Engraving Design/Image 
    Positioning the design/image becomes a lot easy with the use of S4's built-in camera. You can freely position your design/image's composition on the surface of the material, and determine where the engraving design/image would be placed at--intuitively, locate the right position, and adjust the position with ease.

  • Easy Engraving for Complex Materials
    Engraving on materials with complex and irregular shape is made quick and easy because of S4's built-in camera. It allows you to freely position your design/image's composition on the area where you want it to be engraved, and enables you to perfectly position it right on the surface of the material with ease. 

  • Easy-to-Fit Angle
    Fitting the angle of your design/image on the surface of the material is made simple because of S4's built-in camera. It allows you to freely rotate the composition on the material captured by its camera.

Bluetooth Wireless Connection

​It supports Bluetooth wireless connection for easy operation of the machine.

  • Users can wirelessly control the machine by using their own tablets.

  • The machine supports most tablet devices such as Android tablet, iPad, Window tablet, etc. 

  • With the use of a tablet at a workshop, users can easily provide engraving services to their customers as their customers can directly communicate their requests and/or preferences relevant to engraving.

High-Speed Marking

​It ensures high-speed marking on various materials.

  • The machine is built for high-speed marking using a diamond tool. 

  • It ensures high quality marking on various materials at a high speed.

  • Marking is made easy and quick as there are available clamps that firmly hold the materials during engraving process. 

Versatile Use

A Wider Work Area

It comes with a wider engraving area to enable size expansion of the materials to be engraved.

  • The machine comes with a flatbed clamp to engrave in approx. 240mm x 180mm size.

  • It has a wide inner space that makes it possible to firmly hold materials with sizes larger than the engraving area. 

  • Its open front and back allows users to deal with materials with longer sizes.

  • Flexible sizing enables less restriction on the size of the material.

Easy Expansion of Functions 

​Various detachable devices support the easy expansion of engraving functions.

  • The flatbed can be adjusted for the materials' height to engrave on materials with different thickness.

  • The machine offers various optional devices that are used to firmly hold the materials, and to easily engrave on materials with various forms.

  • The detachable clamp structure makes switching easy according to the users’ intention for use.

Third Generation Multipurpose
Desktop Engraving Machine

Innovative Functions and Features 

​MAGIC-S4 is designed with the latest, innovative functions and features

  • The third-generation multipurpose desktop engraving machine offers innovative functions for easy operation of the machine.

  • The machine as a whole (including its parts and functions) has been re-designed following the new and latest technology.

  • Great improvement in functionality, structural stability, performance, and design has been achieved to provide our customers with the most efficient and most advanced engraving machine that produces precise, lasting, high-quality engraving results.

Latest Third Generation Motor Control System 

The newly-developed third generation motor control system controls the machine with a resolution that is two times higher than that of its previous model, enabling high-quality, precise and accurate engraving and marking.

  • The machine has a resolution that is twice as high as the previous models.

  • The designs/images are expressed in a more detailed, precise manner, producing higher engraving and marking quality.

  • The noise level of the machine is greatly reduced to create a favorable working environment.

Small and Modern Design and a User-Friendly Software

Small, Quiet, and Modern Design

The machine is compact in size, and offers the benefits of less noise and easy installation.

  • The machine's modern, sophisticated and polished design perfectly suits any workshops/work spaces. 

  • It is small, light and easy to install. 

  • It is designed to run quietly, smoothly and safely to promote a favorable work environment.

Easy and Quick MagicEngrave™ Software

The machine comes with easy-to-use software called MagicEngrave. 

  • MagicEngrave is an easy-to-use software designed for easy machine operation by anyone.

  • It enables easy use of the machine for for wide-range purposes and make engraving of materials simple, easy and fast. 

Why is MagicEngrave So Special?

Intuitive interface: anyone can easily learn and use

Various functions: composing designs, engraving with various styles and patterns and photo marking


Compatibility: enables importing of files with various formats from other commercial programs

MagicEngrave is developed to allow anyone to use our engraving machines easier and faster. MagicEngrave enables you to easily control your engraving designs and toolpaths; offers you outstanding compatibility with other commercial programs; provides you with intuitive interface; and makes it possible for you to work with a variety of MAGIC-S4 features with ease. This software is designed to make engraving operations faster, easier and noncomplicated.

Experience the new paradigm of engraving that MagicEngrave offers!

Optional Items

Multipurpose Pendant Clamp

A multi-purpose jaw-type clamp that firmly holds pendants and plates of various sizes and shapes.

Pendan clamp

Bracelet Jig

A jig that firmly holds objects with curved edges like bracelets.

Bracelet Jig

Watch Clamp

A clamp that firmly holds a watch while marking on its back case.

watch clamp

Spoon Clamp

A cutlery clamp that firmly holds long and asymmetrical materials like spoons, forks, and chopsticks. 

Spoon clamp

Clamp Pins

A clamp pin is used to firmly hold objects/materials such as pendant, accessory, or pen, with different thickness and/or irregular shapes--that a basic clamp may not hold.

Clamp pins

​Tablet PC

MAGIC-S4 supports Bluetooth wireless connection based on a touch interface for easy operation of the machine without the use of any PC or cable connection. This feature can be utilized for client counseling and marking services.

Tablet PC

Technical Specifications

MAGIC-S4 dimenssion
S4 Specification

Contents of the box


Nameplate Engraving

Watch how nameplate engraving is performed. 

Pendant Engraving

Watch how pendant engraving is performed. 

Nameplate Engraving

Watch how nameplate engraving is performed. 

Military ID Tag Engraving

Watch how military ID tag engraving is performed. 

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