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Compact Fiber Laser Marking Machine, MAGIC™-L2

Introducing MAGIC™ -L2, a compact sized fiber laser marking machine.

MAGIC™ -L2 guarantees to offer you with unique features that are different from any other fiber laser marking machines in the market!

MAGIC™ L2’s Main Features

MAGIC™ -L2 may appear similar in appearance from MAGIC™ -L3, but its features are totally different.

MAGIC™ -L2’s unique features are:

1. Light and small

L2 is built for easy installation at any workrooms. It can be installed at small spaces as its dimensions are: 304mm(W) x 500mm(H) x 554mm(D).

2. Upward Door Opening

L2’s door is designed with a manually-operated upward door opening for convenient laser marking and safety of the users.

3. Vision Protector Viewing Window

Instead of an embedded camera, L2 is equipped with a viewing window that allow users to directly view and witness the marking process during operation. Its viewing window eliminates the hassle to use safety glasses during marking operation—hence, promotes user’s convenience and safety.

4. High Quality 20W Fiber Laser Source

L2 has a highly-efficient fiber laser beam that creates deep, lasting, high-quality and precise markings on various materials.

5. Affordability

L2 is offered at an affordable price! It is perfect for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive yet state-of-the-art fiber laser marking machine!

MAGIC™ -L2 comes with the most advanced and latest functions and features at an affordable price!

It is the most ideal fiber laser marking machine that perfectly cater to all your laser marking needs!

Check out MAGIC™ -L2’s superb marking quality!

<Photo marking>

<Image marking>

<Deep marking>

L2 guarantees high-quality, deep, lasting, permanent and precise markings on aluminum, brass, carbide, plated metal, copper, gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and plastic.

<Curved pendant marking >

<Plastic pen marking>

<Rubber marking>

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