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Laser & CNC Experts Group

Redt Inc.

Redt Inc. is comprised of experts who specialize in the field of laser marking and CNC engraving, cutting and machining.

We are a group of experts who carry out research and development on laser machines and CNC machines.

We develop and produce machines intended for engraving, cutting and marking which are widely used around the world to meet customer's needs in a variety of fields like jewelry, craft, stamp and signage manufacturing, industrial marking and many more.



Being Sold in over 40 Countries Around the World

90 Global Retail Partnerships 

48 Product Lines


We offer laser marking machines for metal and non-metal cutting and engraving. They are equipped with a variety of laser sources and power outputs, and come in sizes that are perfect for any workspace.

We offer CNC engraving machines that come in different sizes, and come with a variety of features that allow the pairing of various tools like endmills, V-shaped cutters and scribing tools which are used to carve and cut, and scribe letters, patterns and images using out of various materials.

Key Cutting Solutions

We develop and manufacture seal engraving machines that are used to engrave images, letters, characters and logos on seals with high precision and quality. We also develop CNC engraving machines, laser engraving machines and flash stamp machines that are used for making rubber stamps and self-inking stamps. 

We develop and produce machines that are used by professional locksmiths to cut keys with ease and precision. 

Product Lines

Fiber Laser Marking Machine



20W/30W/60W/100W laser machine with automatic features.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine



20W compact laser machine with a size perfect for any work spaces.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine



An industrial, table-type laser marking machine.

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Multipurpose Desktop
Engraving Machine

MAGIC-E7 is an all-in-one engraving machine for both flat and rotary engraving and cutting.

Easy to Use, Versatile 

Our products are designed for multipurpose use. We offer easy-to-use products that come with automatic features.

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Easy Access to Professional Technical Support from our Engineers

Our customers are provided with professional, technical assistance from our engineers. We, at Redt Inc., provide all solutions to any technical issues concerning our products.


Laser & CNC Experts Group
Redt Inc.

We, at Redt Inc., utilize our advanced laser and CNC technologies to develop and produce a variety of products that are widely used in different fields and industries across the country and around the world.

Over the years, our researchers and engineers have worked relentlessly to develop products with outstanding precision, quality, efficiency and user convenience to provide our customers with the most excellent products in the market and offer the best customer service experience to everyone.

We have a customer network in 45 countries around the world. We supply a total of 48 product lines to various customers in the fields of jewelry, craft, signage, and stamp manufacturing, industrial marking, and many more.


for Creators!

We support all passionate creators around the world! 

We would like to encourage all passionate creators to create new ideas and start making a difference!

We, at Redt Inc., would like to help all creators improve their work with ease and perfection, and create high-quality products with high precision, accuracy and speed by using our product line, MAGIC™.

We look forward to growing with the creators, sharing new, fresh and creative ideas! 

The Perfect Tool for Creators 

9 Reasons Why Customers Choose our Products


You can always rely on
Redt Inc.’s products.

We constantly develop new products; 

building and maintaining trust with our customers.

Since 2005

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