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Creating a Brass Business Card Case using MAGIC™-E4 & MAGIC™-W3

Updated: May 27

We're excited to show you how to craft a brass business card case using our MAGIC™-E4 multi-purpose flatbed engraving & cutting machine and the MAGIC™-W3 jewelry laser welding machine.

The MAGIC™-E4 is an incredibly versatile flatbed engraving & cutting machine. It functions as a CNC engraver for flatbed engraving and cutting and can be customized by swapping out the dedicated vise. It's primarily used for engraving and cutting pendant-type items but is also capable of cutting 1T to 3T thick metal using a cutting vise.

The MAGIC™-W3, on the other hand, is a precise and powerful laser welder, perfect for professional jewelry work.

Now, let’s dive into the process of making a brass business card case.

Cutting the Brass Using the MAGIC™-E4

For this project, we’ll be using a brass plate.

1. Set Up the MAGIC™-E4: Start by setting up the versatile 4-axis flatbed engraving machine

2. Change the Vise: Remove the flat vise from the MAGIC™-E4 and replace it with a cutting vise.

3. Fix the Brass Plate: Secure the brass plate in the cutting vise, making sure it's horizontally aligned.

The material is fixed horizontally, aligned with the top and bottom.  

4. Connect to PC: Connect the MAGIC™-E4 to your PC and launch MagicEngrave™, our dedicated drawing program.

5. Create Toolpath: Import your drawing and create a toolpath using the Outline toolpath for the outer surfaces. 6. Transfer Cutting Data: Click on the created toolpath and select MAGIC™-E4 under connected engravers to transfer the cutting data.

7. Confirm Cutting Area: After transferring the data, the engraver's head will move, and the red laser pointer will mark the cutting area. Confirm these markings.


8. Start Cutting: Press and hold the "Start" button to begin cutting. The machine will automatically measure the height of the workpiece to ensure precise cuts.

When you have finished checking each work area, press and hold the "Start" button to start cutting.  

When you have finished checking each work area, press and hold the "Start" button to start cutting.  

Laser Welding the Brass Using the MAGIC™-W3

Next, we’ll assemble and weld the cut brass pieces using the MAGIC™-W3 professional laser welder.


You can check the welding data settings and spot welds in real time through the LCD screen of the MAGIC™-W3. 

1. Set Up Welding: Check the welding data settings and spot welds in real time on the MAGIC™-W3's LCD screen.

2. Use the Scope: Utilize the scope in front of the LCD screen for precise welding.

3. Engrave the Logo: Finally, engrave the "REDT" logo on the welded brass using a fiber laser.

And there you have it! We've successfully crafted a brass business card case using the MAGIC™-E4 multi-purpose flatbed engraving machine and the MAGIC™-W3 professional laser welding machine.

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