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Jewelry Pendant Keyring Scribing using the MAGIC-2S

We used the MAGIC-2S to scribe a small keyring pendant with ease and precision.

The MAGIC-2S is a compact, pendant-only engraving machine perfect for offices, homes, craft workshops, and jewelry shops. Its small size and user-friendly interface make it accessible for anyone to use! 


With a Bluetooth connection, you can create a drawing wirelessly and send it to the engraver. The MAGIC-2S can engrave a simple pendant in less than 5 minutes. 

One of its standout features is the ability to create drawings on your tablet, using various pendant shape templates built into the tablet app. This allows for quick and easy engraving. 

You can customize the scribing settings on your tablet, such as the engraving depth and tool settings.  

The MAGIC-2S also offers an automatic workpiece height measurement function to suit your needs. 

After adjusting the settings, simply click the "Start Marking" button to begin the process.   

You can also choose whether or not to measure the height of the workpiece at the start of the marking process.  

This is a brief overview of how to engrave a pendant using the MAGIC-2S.  

For more information about the MAGIC-2S used in this project, please refer to the link below. 

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