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Thick Brass Plate Cutting with MAGIC-E4

Hello, everyone!

We’re going to show you another tutorial on how to cut and engrave various designs with our MAGIC machines!

In this blog, we’ll show you how to create a thick, brass nameplate with our engraver, MAGIC-E4.

First, let me introduce to you our MAGIC-E4 machine.

What is MAGIC-E4?

MAGIC-E4 is a multipurpose flatbed engraving machine, designed to cut and engrave any designs on materials like tags, plates, acrylic, brass, gold, silver, and stainless steel.

What does MAGIC-E4 do? MAGIC-E4 basically does cutting and engraving on various materials that come in different shapes, forms and sizes.

  • It is equipped with a large flatbed or a wide working area that makes engraving and cutting of materials with large sizes fast and easy.

  • It uses tools such as end mills and V-cutter for cutting, and a diamond tip for engraving.

*MAGIC-E4 utilizes diamond scribing method to produce high-quality, precise and polish engravings on any materials.

  • It comes with a software program called MAGIC-Engrave.

*MAGIC-Engrave is a program exclusively designed for our MAGIC machines to make cutting and engraving quick, safe and easy for everyone.

  • It is a fully automatic CNC engraver. It performs automatic measurement of the material and its height, and it automatically sets the tool once replaced.

*MAGIC-E4 allows easy, quick and safe engraving and cutting operation for anyone as its functions are fully automatic.

  • It has a built-in camera used for actual viewing of engraving or cutting process and/or positioning of design on the workpiece, and a laser pointer for specifying the engraving position on the work area.

Now you know the main features of MAGIC-E4. Let’s proceed to the tutorial!

In this tutorial, we will use a thick brass plate and cut out [redt] text with it.

So, what do you need to do?

First, create your text design.

Go to MAGIC-Engrave program and start making your design.

Then, set your text to condensed.

Here, [redt] text is set to condensed mode.

Edit your text and remove the spacing in between each letter.

*When cutting out nameplate, your text must be condensed.

Text without Letter Spacing

Second, select your Toolpath.

After creating your text design, select your Toolpath.

Toolpath Creation Process

Third, create a Toolpath outline for cutting.

Select Outline Toolpath to create an outline for your text then proceed to cutting.

Be sure to replace your tool with a cutting tool before proceeding to the cutting process. (Tools for cutting are sold separately.)

Fourth, use a 1.5 endmill cutter.

The endmill tool is suitable for cutting.

After replacing your tool with a 1.5 endmill cutter, go to tool settings and select 1.5 endmill.

Tool Replacement

Tool Settings

Fifth, start engraving.

Click [Start Engraving] to send the engraving data to the machine.

The machine then proceeds to measuring the height of the material and sets the tool automatically.

Automatic Material Height Measurement

Once the height is measured, the machine starts the cutting process.

Cutting Process

*The material we used here is 3mm thick. Take note that when cutting thick materials, cutting the design all at once at a certain depth may damage the tool. Designate the cutting depth little by little to prevent the tool from getting damaged.

Sixth, check the engraving status.

Check on the display to see if the machine has initialized the cutting process or not.

MAGIC-E4's built-in LCD screen allows users to check and view the current status of the machine during operation.

Progress Display

Seventh, apply cutting oil.

The friction between the blade (tool) and the metal increases when cutting brass.

We recommend the use of cutting oil like WD 40, to be applied on the plate (material) during operation to reduce friction and prevent tool damage.

Applying oil can also minimize the noise produced during the cutting process.

Eight, check the end result.

This is how your material should look once the cutting process has been completed.

The debris produced after cutting is a mixture of cutting oil and metal chips or dusts.

Cutting Process Completed

Lastly, remove the metal debris.

Wipe off all debris on the plate using a cloth or a tissue. Use a pair of pincette to pick up the plate. Do not use your fingers when picking it up as the metal debris or chips may cause finger cuts or injury.

Final Result

Tada! And this is our final product!

A well designed, cut and polished [redt] nameplate!

This is how your product should look after carefully wiping off all debris.

How do you like the end result?

Isn’t metal cutting fun, quick and easy?

Are you interested in making nameplates?

With MAGIC-E4, you can easily create your own nameplates in no time!

MAGIC-E4, the perfect engraving machine for all your engraving needs!

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