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Fiber Laser Marking Forks and Spoons with the MAGIC™-L3

Updated: 18 hours ago

We used the MAGIC™-L3 fiber laser marking and cutting machine to etch the "Redt" logo onto the handle of a spoon and fork.

The MAGIC™-L3 is a versatile fiber laser marking machine offering power options ranging from 20W, 30W, 60W, to 100W. It's been widely used in various fields such as jewelry, industrial, hobby, and craft applications.

Whether you need to mark jewelry or cut and mark various metals, this fiber laser machine is up to the task. Its user-friendly interface ensures that marking and cutting are quick, easy, and accessible to everyone.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Camera: For precise alignment and marking.

  • Fully Automatic Systems: Seven automated systems for enhanced convenience.

  • Safety Cover and Emergency Button: Ensures user safety during operation.

  • Built-in Dust Collector: Efficiently removes dust and debris generated during marking and cutting.

The strong light generated during marking and cutting is safely contained within the safety cover.

Now, let's explore the process of black marking spoons and forks using the MAGIC™-L3 versatile fiber laser marking machine.

The MAGIC™-L3 can accommodate a variety of clamps. For today's demonstration, we'll be black marking without a vise or using a flat vise.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Run our software, MagicEngrave-Laser: Import the "REDT" logo image file and create a toolpath.

2. Send the Toolpath: Click on the toolpath you created and select "MAGIC™-L3" under "Connected Engravers" to send the toolpath.

Complete the Marking: The machine will execute the marking process.

You have completed the marking.  

Remove the Material: Open the safety cover and take out the spoon and fork.

We have successfully marked the REDT logo on a stainless steel spoon and fork using the MAGIC™-L3 versatile fiber laser marking machine.

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