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Hot Stamping Brass on Leather Watch Straps with IMP-C1

Today, let's dive into hot stamping a leather watch strap

using our sophisticated embossing Die Engraving Machine, IMP-C1. 

The IMP-C1, a compact and fully automatic mold engraver,

carves out brass to create molds that can be used for various

purposes—ranging from leather and metal foil stamping

to cutting blades and even soap stamps. 

Designed for ease, the IMP-C1 features an intuitive interface

that anyone can operate. This machine comes

with a material-specific vise and an automatic measurement system

to streamline your projects. 

The IMP-C1 offers an automatic tool exchange

between rough and finish machining, simplifying the process significantly.

Additionally, it features REDT’s proprietary MagicEngrave™ software,  

making design creation a breeze for all. 

Let’s start by crafting a mold with the IMP-C1. 

1) Place the brass material onto the IMP-C1 and secure it by turning the handle. 

2) Run the MagicEngrave™ program on the PC connected to the IMP-C1 to import the image you want to use as a design. 

3) Let's create a Toolpath 

4) Click Rough and Finish machining settings to create a toolpath. 

5) After completing the toolpath creation process, check that it has been successfully created. Clicking on the toolpath will display it with a blue interior and an orange outline, just like in the photo. 


6) Next, click on the IMP-C1 icon in the top right corner of the toolpath to send the toolpath data.


7) Start the task. First, we sculpt the overall outline of the mold by rough machining. 

The difference between roughing and finishing is that when machining with the IMP-C1's endmill, roughing is the process of machining the large mold and shape of the mold. 

Upon completing the large shape machining, the IMP-C1 uniquely auto-switches to the finishing tool attached on the right side, enabling precise machining with the V-cutter. 

Fine details and narrow spaces are then intricately carved using the slender V-cutter, completing the mold machining process. 

The IMP-C1 displays the job's progress on the LCD screen mounted at the top of the unit, allowing you to monitor the tool’s rotation speed as the work progresses. 

Finished machining the mold!

Now that the mold is ready, let’s connect it to the hot stamping machine and start engraving. 

1) Connect the power cable to the hot stamping machine and adjust the temperature to preheat. 

2) Secure the machined brass intended for the hot stamping into the clamp. 

3) Attach the machined mold to the hot stamping machine. 

4) Once the machine reaches the set temperature, a green light will indicate it's ready to go.


5) Place the strap on the worktable, then press the preheated brass mold onto the leather to create the stamp. 

Thus far, we've detailed the brass hot stamping process on a leather watch strap using the mold engraving machine IMP-C1. 


If you're interested in seeing this process in action, check out the video below!!! 

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