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Revolutionizing Industrial Nameplate Creation with the MAGIC™-L2 Laser Marker

Industrial nameplate laser marking with the MAGIC™-L2

Are you still using outdated methods to mark your industrial nameplates?

Introducing the MAGIC™-L2: Discover a sleek, compact fiber laser marking machine designed for versatility in home settings, industrial environments, and office spaces. 

Creating designs with the MagicEngrave™-Laser

Simplified Design Process: Jump into creating detailed designs with the intuitive MagicEngrave™-Laser software.

Even beginners can master beautiful, precise engravings with minimal training. 

Laser head of the MAGIC™-L2

Precision: The MAGIC™-L2 makes it ideal for marking a diverse array of metal materials with finesse. 

Rotary clamp of the MAGIC-L2

Smart Rotary Clamp: Utilize the MAGIC™-L2’s unique rotary clamp for effortless marking on both flat and curved surfaces, such as rings. This feature simplifies the process without the need to adjust for difficult setting. 

Compact Fiber Laser Marking Machine MAGIC™-L2

Efficiency Meets Compact Design: Positioned ideally for any workspace, the MAGIC™-L2 emphasizes convenience and speed without compromising on performance.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Perfect Markings: 

1. Design Setup: Start with the MagicEngrave™-Laser program to craft your nameplate design. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth design experience. 

2. Preparation: Use the laser pointer to align and confirm the marking area. Simply press "Start" and watch the MAGIC™-L2 bring your designs to life. 

Laser marking a nameplate with the MAGIC™-L2

MAGIC™-L2 fiber laser marking machine

3. Post-Processing: Any residue from the marking process, such as scorch marks, can be easily cleaned off with a simple wipe, leaving a sleek, professional finish. 

Industrial nameplate marked with the MAGIC™-L2

Transform how you approach industrial nameplate marking with the MAGIC™-L2—where technology meets craftsmanship! 


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