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Is Laser Marking on Plastic Possible with MAGIC-L3?

Updated: Mar 18

Is it possible to laser mark any text designs with MAGIC-L3?

Well, the good news is, apart from metals, MAGIC-L3 is also designed to laser mark on any plastic materials.

MAGIC-L3 is a fiber laser marking machine designed to process metal and nonmetal materials, including a variety of thermoplastics.

It efficiently cuts and laser marks on coated and non-coated surface of a plastic material without burning it or causing any abrasion or damage to it.

Although thermoplastics easily melt when burned, MAGIC-L3's laser is rather absorbed into the plastic to create a melted mark, leaving a permanent, high-quality mark on the surface of the plastic material.


Watch how laser marking is done on plastics with MAGIC-L3!

Isn’t it quick, safe and easy to mark any plastic materials with MAGIC-L3? — Absolutely!

Plastic Fountain Pens? — Yes!

Thermometer Plastic Cases? — Yes!

Toothbrush Plastic Handles? — Yes!

Paintbrush Plastic Handles? — Yes!

Thermoplastic Pens? — Yes!

Plastic Stamps? — Yes!

With MAGIC-L3, anyone can laser mark any text designs on plastics with ease and in no time!

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