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[MAGIC™] 4-in-1 Clamp

Hello! We are Redt. Inc.

In this blog, we would like to introduce our 4-in-1 Clamp intended for MAGIC™ -E series machines.

MAGIC™ -E series 4-in-1 Clamp

MAGIC™ 4-in-1 Clamp is designed and developed to perfectly match the advanced features of our new MAGIC™ -E series machines. It is built firm, strong and sturdy to eliminate tool breakage and/or tool damage caused by vibration during the engraving process. Its four corners are also tightly secured with bolts that help eliminate shaking during the cutting process, hence producing a more accurate cutting result.

What is MAGIC™ 4-in-1 Clamp?

MAGIC™ 4-in-1 Clamp is a multifunctional adjustment clamp that functions as a height adjustment clamp where it can be easily assembled and disassembled to adjust to the height of the material. It also functions as an expandable clamp where it can be transformed into 3 different clamp structures and expanded according to the size, thickness and shape of the material. This single clamp alone makes engraving on materials with various shapes, forms and sizes fast and easy without the use of any additional clamps.

How to use the 4-in-1 Clamp?

As an height adjustment clamp:

The height of the material significantly affects the Z-axis movement of the engraving tool during engraving. It may put a limit to Z-axis movement when the material is either too high or too low.

To adjust to the height of the material, you must first disassemble the clamp.

[How to disassemble the clamp]

1. Turn the clamping knob clockwise to detach the clamp from the machine.

2. Turn the clamp over (to the back) then unscrew the bolts with a 3mm L-wrench.

3. Once the bolts are removed, turn the clamp over (to the front). Remove the upper jig then attach the spacer block. Match the holes of the clamp to the spacer block then screw the bolts.

4. Once the bolts are screwed and fastened, attach the clamp back to the machine. Be sure to tighten the bolts to prevent the clamp from shaking during the engraving process.

Although the 4-in-1 clamp is not often used for height adjustment as the material is usually engraved, cut or curved beforehand (based on the product to process for engraving), in case that the material is too thick to process due to its height, it is recommended to use a spacer block.

Please refer to the following video!

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