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[MAGIC-L3&E7] Pen laser marking and engraving

Gifting pens to your friends, colleagues or family is always

an ideal and practical gift.

You can never go wrong with a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen with a special message, name, date, characters or symbols engraved on it.

Undoubtedly, everyone loves a personalized, beautifully designed pen as it leaves a lasting impression on the recipient.

In this blog, we’re going to show you how to do pen engraving and laser marking with our MAGIC-L3 and MAGIC-E7 machines.

What is MAGIC-L3?

MAGIC-L3 is a fiber laser marking and cutting machine designed for laser marking and cutting on various jewelries, accessories, souvenirs or gift items. It features black laser marking and white laser marking on items like pens, bracelets, nameplates and many more.

To begin, go to MAGIC-Engrave program.

In the program, create your text design.

Once your text design is complete, properly position the pen in the work area and specify the target marking area on the pen.

Use the laser pointer as a guide.

Take note: For pens with round or curved surfaces, use a medal clamp to hold the pen in place.

MAGIC-L3 also has a built-in camera that you can use to easily make adjustments to the size and marking position of your design on your pen via actual viewing.

After specifying the marking position, click the [Start] button to proceed to the laser marking process.

Select the marking color then click the [Start] button. The machine then proceeds to laser marking.

Here, we used [White marking].

White Laser Marking Result

To proceed to black marking, follow the same steps given in white marking.

Change the color to [Black marking] then click the [Start] button.

Take note: MAGIC-L3 features black marking and white marking only.

Color marking is not possible with laser marking machines.

The difference between white marking and black marking is the interval at which the laser is irradiated on each marking type. In white marking, the irradiation interval is wide, whereas in black marking, the irradiation interval is narrow.

Due to narrow irradiation interval in black marking, the markings appear to be more visible and richer in color.

Black Laser Marking Result

So, now you know how to do white and black pen marking with our MAGIC-L3.

Isn’t it simple, fast and easy?

But wait...there’s more!

Here’s the good news!

You can also do multiple markings with MAGIC-L3!

MAGIC-L3 provides a pen clamp for multiple marking.

Whether it be mechanical or non-mechanical: wood pens, metal pens, thermal pens or plastic pens—name it!

Any type of pen can be laser marked all at once with the use of our pen clamp.

Pen Clamp

Isn’t that fast and efficient?

If you’re looking for a laser marking machine that does single and multiple marking on pens or any items with round surfaces, MAGIC-L3 is the perfect laser marking machine for you!


Now let’s proceed to pen engraving!

This time we’re going to show you how to do pen engraving with our MAGIC-E7.

What is MAGIC-E7?

MAGIC-E7 is an all-in-one engraving machine designed for both rotary and flat engraving and cutting. It engraves and cuts any materials with flat surfaces such as pendants, nametags and nameplates, or materials with rounded or curved surfaces such as rings, earrings, bracelets and pens.

The engraving procedure is similar to MAGIC-L3's.

First, create your text design in the MAGIC-Engrave program.

Then, create a Toolpath and set your target engraving depth and speed.

Next, properly place and secure the pen to the medal clamp.

Take note: Medal clamp is used when engraving pens with round surfaces.

Last, click the [Start Engraving] button.

The engraving process begins.

Engraving Process

Pen engraving

How do you like the end result?

Isn’t the engraving neat, accurate and high in quality?

MAGIC-E7, the perfect pen engraving machine for your pen engraving needs!


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