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MAGIC L3’s Various Features and Uses

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Hello! We are Redt Inc.

We would like to introduce our very own product, MAGIC-L3—or L3 for short.

L3 is a fiber laser marking machine, widely used for jewelry laser marking and cutting. It has user-friendly features which allow users to operate the machine with guaranteed safety and ease. It is built for automatic use to provide convenience and safety to all users during laser marking and cutting process. It is specifically designed for easy machine operation as it doesn’t require users any basic or complex knowledge to operate the machine. Moreover, it is built light, small and modern for easy installation at any jewelry shops.

We have several videos available on YouTube demonstrating the uses and features of our L3 product. L3’s features and uses vary depending on the purpose of use.

Below are links to YouTube videos demonstrating L3’s various use:

●According to the shape of the object

· Flat Pendant Marking

L3 marks any letters or images on the surface of a flat object like pendant.

· Curved Pendant Marking

L3 marks any letters or images on the surface of a curved object like pendant.

· Inside/Outside Ring Marking

L3 marks any letters or images on the outside or inside of a ring.

According to the material of the object:

· Metal

L3 marks any letters or images on various metal materials like gold, silver and stainless steel.

· Plastic

L3 marks any letters or images on plastic materials like pen, cosmetic case and tumbler.

· Leather

L3 marks any letters or images on leather.

Below are links to YouTube videos demonstrating L3’s various functions:

· Safety door

L3 is equipped with an automatic safety door. The door auto closes when the marking operation begins, and auto opens when the marking operation is completed.

Take note that the machine auto stops when the door is manually opened during marking operation for user’s safety.

· Embedded camera

L3 has an embedded camera connected to MagicEngrave software. The camera is used to easily position the user’s composition or design on the working area.

· Auto measurement

L3 has an auto measurement feature for measuring the height of the material. This feature enables marking on materials with different heights at once—eliminating the need for manual measurement.


· Clear Fonts

L3 leaves accurate and precise marks on a workpiece with narrow marking area. It can mark small to tiny letters on materials with limited marking area. It is also perfect for batch marking of goods.

· Dust collector

(Optional item; sold separately)

L3 is equipped with a dust collector that functions as a blower that discharges dusts that are collected or produced during marking process. It helps users maintain a safe and clean working environment by auto dedusting the marking area, saves time from cleaning, and eliminating the hassle of thorough cleaning after machine use.

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