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Bulk Laser Marking Jewelry Pendants with the MAGIC-L2 

We undertook the task of laser marking a large quantity of jewelry pendants simultaneously. 

By opening the cover of the compact fiber laser marking machine, MAGIC™-L2, we arranged 15mm circular pendants made of stainless steel in a 4x4 array on the 85mm x 85mm worktable, which is the maximum work area of the L2. 

Using black marking, we engraved the phrase "L2 Laser." 

Next, we proceeded with white marking as well. 

We were able to engrave various pendants simultaneously with consistent quality, demonstrating that fiber laser marking can be done easily and simply. 


Redt's MAGIC™-L2, with its compact size and low noise, is suitable for use at home, in industrial offices, factories, and even in various workshops and craft settings where the MAGIC series is already being utilized. 


Bulk marking of pendants? 


Experience a new engraving solution with the easy and simple-to-use fiber laser MAGIC series! 

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