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Image Laser Marking on Metal Clips

The Versatile Fiber Laser Marking Machine MAGIC™-L3 

In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to photo mark a metal clip using the MAGIC™-L3. 

  • Run Magic Engrave™-Laser: Begin by running the Magic Engrave™-Laser software to utilize the camera function of the MAGIC™-L3, allowing you to view the work area. 

  • Import the Image: Import the image you wish to engrave into the program. 

  • Convert to Black and White: Use the 'Convert to Black and White' function to change the image's color scheme. Enhance the image quality by sharpening it with the 'Convert to Black and White' operation. This will create a higher quality design. 

  • Start Laser Engraving: Send the finalized design to the machine and begin the laser engraving process.

By following these steps, we successfully marked an image on a metal clip using the versatile MAGIC™-L3 fiber laser marking machine. 

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