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How to Do Black Photo Marking on a Surgical Steel Pendant with MAGIC-L2

Updated: Mar 18

Redt offers MAGIC-L2 – a fiber laser marking machine designed for black marking. 

Black marking is a laser processing procedure that creates dark, high-contrast texts or images on a steel surface. 

With MAGIC-L2, black markings on steels are guaranteed to withstand abrasion as it creates deep and permanent, precise and high-quality black markings on steels. 


How to do black photo marking with MAGIC-L2? 


Learn from this quick video tutorial below: 

Or follow these simple steps! 


1. Go to MAGIC-Engrave program.  

Photo marking becomes easy and quick with MAGIC-Engrave. 

2. Import the image to mark. 

3. Enlarge the image. 

4. Click [Circle/Oval/Pie] shape button. 

*When marking an image on a pendant, select [Circle/Oval/Pie] shape. 

5. Select a dark line color to make the shape visible. 

6. Place the shape on the target image (the image to be marked on the pendant). 

Make the size of the target image larger than the size of the pendant. 

*The size of your target image must be 1.5 to 2 times larger. For example, if the pendant size is 20mm, your target image size must be 35mm. 

7. Click [Make Clipping Mask] button to crop the image. 

*In case of marking an image with a special shape, it is recommended to import an already cropped and/or edited image. 

8. Click [Photo Impact Engraving Toolpath] button then select the appropriate ‘Dithering’ method. 

*In general, ‘Dithering 3’ and ‘Dithering 4’ are recommended. 

9. Select the Toolpath you created then match its size to the size of the target image. 

*Dithering method is a dot marking method where the resolution of the dot patterns is enhanced. With this method, the dot patterns appear to be more concentrated. For example, a 600dpi resolution may appear as 1000dpi. Zoom in the image and scale it up to 1.5x to check the resolution. If the image is zoomed in at 1x, the image may not be displayed on the screen. 

10. Set the size of the target image a bit larger than the size of the pendant.  

*For example, if the pendant size is 20mm, set the target image size to 20.20mm. 

11. Click [Laser] button (located on the top right corner) to send the marking data. 

Marked with 8% power

12. In the Laser Options Window, set the power to 8% then click [Start Engraving] button. 

*10% power is too strong for black marking. See pictures below to compare. 

Marked with 10% power

MAGIC-L2 is a fiber laser marking machine designed for easy and safe use. It is built with a safety door that protects users from dust/fumes or laser beam exposure during operation. It is labeled as a Class 1 product which is considered safe for use. 


How do you like the end result? 


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