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Introducing Our Pet ID Tag Engraving Machine, MAGIC™-2S

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Introducing Our Pet ID Tag Engraving Machine, MAGIC™-2S

Pet ID tags are essential accessories for pets as they serve as permanent identification. They are designed to keep pets safe and make it easy for pet owners to reunite with their pets if they get lost. A pet ID tag contains information about the pet owner which makes it easier for strangers to identify and locate the pet owner.

Pet ID tags have developed and advanced over the years. Today, technology enables pet ID tags to be personalized or made custom to provide the best way to keep pets safe and easily identified or located. A variety of necessary information such as the pet’s name, owner’s address and phone number, any special needs of the pet and QR codes can be engraved with the pet ID tag.

Pet owners also include the word “reward” on their pet tags to encourage strangers to help them find or return their pet and get an incentive for it.

Pet ID tags can also be stylish. Nowadays, pet owners find stylized pet ID tags trendy and fashionable. Pet owners can choose from a variety of stylized tags that best suit their pet’s personality and make it personalized by picking out shapes, images, and styles that can make their pets stand out and easily identify if lost.

We at Redt., offer state-of-the-art CNC engraving machines that specialize in creating personalized pet ID tags. Our scribing machine, MAGIC™-2S is specially designed to produce deep, lasting and permanent markings on pet ID tags with high precision and polished finish.

With the use of our MAGIC™-2S, pet owners can make their own personalized, unique, cool and stylish pet tags!

What is MAGIC™-2S?

MAGIC™-2S is a scribing machine designed to engrave on materials that come in various sizes, forms and shapes. It is capable of engraving a variety of line patterns, images, characters and designs on any materials with guaranteed high-quality, lasting, accurate and precise engraving.

What are the benefits of MAGIC™-2S?

o Guarantees High Quality, Accurate and Precise Engraving

MAGIC™-2S is equipped with the latest technology that allows high-quality, accurate and precise engravings on pet ID tags.

o Creates a Deep, Lasting and Permanent Marking

MAGIC™-2S utilizes a scribing method with the use of a diamond scribing tool that creates a deep, lasting and permanent marking on pet ID tags.

o Offers High-Speed Marking

MAGIC™-2S is built for high-speed marking which allows multiple engraving of pet ID tags in a matter of minutes.

o Leaves a Polished Finish

With the use of a diamond scribing tool, MAGIC™-2S guarantees a shiny, smooth and polished finished pet ID tag engraving.

o Enables Pet Tag Personalization

MAGIC™-2S makes personalization of pet ID tags easy, fast and convenient! Pet owners can select any designs, texts, styles, patterns or images of their liking!

o Small and Light, Easy to Use and Runs Quietly

MAGIC™-2S is built small and light for easy installation. It is designed for easy use to enable anyone to create their own pet ID tag designs and produce their own pet ID tag accessory. It doesn’t create noise during the engraving process as it is equipped with the latest motor.

o Features Bluetooth Connection

MAGIC™-2S allows Bluetooth pairing to wirelessly control the machine with the use of any PC tablet.

How does MAGIC™-2S work?

MAGIC™-2S is connected to a software program that enables the input of the design and specifications for engraving to the machine. The machine then uses a diamond scribing tool to engrave the design on the pet ID tag with high quality and precision.

So why choose MAGIC™-2S for pet ID tag engraving?

o It is easy, fast and safe to use for pet tag engraving.

o It creates a deep, lasting, permanent mark on pet tags

o It engraves on all types of metals for pet tags.

o It engraves on pet tags with different forms, shapes and sizes.

o It leaves a shiny, smooth, polished engraving on pet tags.

o It is small, light and easy to install.

o It is designed with advanced features and runs quietly during engraving.


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