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Silver Ring Cutting and Design Making with [MAGIC-E7]

Updated: Mar 21

Make your own unique, stylish and brand-new  

piece of jewelry with our MAGIC-E7! 

MAGIC-E7 is an all-in-one engraving machine, perfect for both flat and rotary engraving. It is equipped with a flat clamp and a rotary clamp which are ideal for easy and quick cutting and engraving of various jewelry and accessories like pendants, rings, bangles, bracelets and many more. 


MAGIC-E7's ring cutting function allows you  

to explore your creative side and make your own personalized rings!

Here's a simple and quick guide to making  

a personalized silver ring with MAGIC-E7! 

First, set up the MAGIC-E7 machine. 

Set the engraving mode to [Rotary Engraving]. 

Set up the Tailstock. 

Note: A tailstock is a type of clamp used to firmly hold long cylindrical objects such as a pens, tumblers, and wine glasses to prevent them from tilting to one side 

Next, set up the ring adapter. 

To set up the ring adapter, first insert the ring into the small plastic adapter. 

Make sure that the ring is firmly attached to the ring adapter and doesn’t fall off. 

Connect the ring adapter to the tailstock and the rotary clamp. 

To connect the ring adapter, insert first the bottom to the rotary clamp then insert the head to the tailstock. 

Lock and secure the ring adapter. 

To lock and secure the ring adapter, turn the tailstock lever to the right then turn the Tailstock knob until tight.

Then, run to MAGIC-Engrave Program.  

In the MAGIC-Engrave program, select the [Ring] Template, enter the ring measurements and create/load an image design for ring cutting. 

Click the [Convert] button and convert the image to black and white. 

Create a toolpath and set the cutting speed and depth. 

After creating a Toolpath, click the [Start Engraving] button to start the cutting process. 

Last, use the laser pointer to check the target cutting area on the ring. 

Note: During the cutting process, apply some cutting oil to reduce friction and prevent the tool from getting damaged. 



A round, shiny and beautiful silver ring! 

Try making other ring cutting designs too! 


How do you like the result? 


MAGIC™-E7 the perfect machine for ring cutting and engraving! 


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