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Multipurpose Jewelry Engraver MAGIC™-S7


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Magic Engraving
Multipurpose Jewelry Engraver, MAGIC-S7

MAGIC-S7 is a major jewelry engraving machine that is widely used and available in the global jewelry/accessory market. This third-generation multipurpose desktop engraving machine is built and designed to deal with the complex aspects of jewelry engraving in terms of forms, materials, and sizes. It produces a more detailed and enhanced engraving results with higher engraving quality. Anyone can use and/operate this machine as it comes with features and software that are user-friendly. It offers revolutionary functions that enable easy and quick engraving on a variety of jewelry products such as rings, pendants, and bangles.

  • All-In-One Desktop Engraver

    MAGIC-S7 is perfect for engraving various jewelry products in diverse forms. Its embedded flat clamp engraves on pendants, bracelets and its rotary clamp engraves on rings, bangles and pens by default.

  • Easy Control of the Engraving Position 
    It comes with an embedded camera and a laser to enable intuitive operation in order for users to easily locate and adjust the images/designs on the material.


  • Third Generation Latest Motor Control System
    Its motor control system controls the machine with a resolution that is twice larger than its previous model. It creates a more detailed and enhanced engraving results with higher marking quality, and a reduced level of noise during machine operation.

Jewelry engraving

Perfect for Jewelry Engraving

Internal camera

Built-in Camera 


Supports Bluetooth Connection

Diamond tip


Automatic functions

Fully Automatic

Rotary clamp

Built-in Rotary Clamp


 Supports MagicEngrave™

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Multipurpose Jewelry Engraver, MAGIC™-S7

MAGIC-S7 is a 3rd generational multipurpose engraving machine that offers revolutionary features and functions, innovative usability, high-grade structure, exceptional engraving performance, and a modern yet minimal design. It is a major jewelry engraving machine that is widely available and used in the global jewelry/accessory market. It is designed to deal with all complex aspects peculiar to jewelry marking. This single set of machine is built to engrave on objects that come in various forms, complex shapes, sizes and materials. It is especially designed for everyone for easy and quick engraving on a variety of jewelry products such as rings, pendants, and bangles. 


It provides users with multipurpose functions and easy machine operations to satisfy our customers' needs. It produces precise, high quality engraving results on a variety of jewelry products with a shiny and polished finish. It is user-friendly as it comes with an easy-to-use software and a variety of support tools and device options for easy and quick engraving. 

   Multipurpose Jewelry Engraving Machine

Multipurpose Engraver 

MAGIC-S7 is a multipurpose engraving machine that facilitates engraving on various materials, particularly on jewelries/accessories with different forms, shapes and sizes. Our MAGIC-S7 produces high-quality engravings with a polished, shiny finish on items like pendants, rings, bracelets, and many other jewelry/accessory products and gift items. It utilizes diamond scribing, where it leaves a deep, lasting, permanent, inerasable mark on various items. Moreover, it creates a perfect finish with a warm and personal touch similar to handcrafted products. 

Pendant engraving




Ring engraving


photo marking.png

Image on Pendant

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Bangle Engraving

Other Products
Various Fields

All-In-One Engraver for both Flat and Rotary Engraving

This single set of machine is equipped with a flat clamp and a rotary clamp that are used for engraving various products with diverse forms. Its embedded flat clamp is perfect for engraving and marking on pendants and bracelets; and its rotary clamp is ideal for engraving the inside and outside of rings and bangles.

pendant ring engraving

​💡 All-In-One Engraver

  • Engraves pendants and rings

  • Engraves on the inside and outside of rings and bangles.

  • Engraves on most jewelry/accessory products.

  • Performs all types of engraving processes (with the use of a single built-in tool). 

  • Eliminates the need to switch clamps.

Fingerprint engraving
Outside ring engraving
Inside ring engraving

Lasting, Permanent, High-Quality and Polished Finish 

Bracelet engraving

​💡 Benefits of Diamond Scribing

  • Creates a deep, lasting, permanent mark.

  • Engraves on all metals, glasses and plastics.

  • Leaves a shiny, smooth, polished finish.

  • Easy, fast and quiet engraving.

  • Engraves on curved surfaces.

  • Safe to use scribing tools.

  • Simple and easy engraving operation for everyone.

It utilizes diamond scribing method to engrave letters, logos, patterns, photos/images, etc. by pressing metals (e.g., aluminum, brass and stainless steel, as well as precious metals like gold, silver, etc.) and non-metals (e.g., plastic and glass) with a diamond tool. Diamond scribing is efficiently used in various fields, and is characterized as the easiest and fastest engraving method that produces high-quality engraving results.

Supports Various Engraving Types

It enables application of various effects on engravings to create high-quality marks. 

  • Hatching Line
    Creates horizontal or vertical line patterns at regular intervals. 

  • Diagonal/Cross Line
    Creates diagonal or X-shaped cross line patterns at regular intervals. 

  • Contour Line
    Creates line patterns by filling the border lines.

  • Outline
    Creates border line patterns.

  • Single Line
    Creates single line patterns.

  • Photo Marking
    Creates photographs/images with dots. 

Engraves on Various Materials

​It engraves on following materials:

  • Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum

  • Titanium

  • Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Steel

  • Stainless steel, surgical steel

  • Plated metal

  • Plastic (with some exceptions)

  • Glass

  • ​Others

User-Friendly Functions for Easy and Quick Engraving for Everyone

Auto Measurement 

​It has built-in height measurement sensors that automatically measure the height of the material to be engraved.

Height auto measurement
  • The machine has auto measurement sensors that measure the length of the tool and detect the height of the material. 

  • It sets the tool to its origin point automatically.

  • It is designed for quick and easy use as users no longer need to adjust the tools manually.

Easy Control of Engraving Position

​It has a built-in camera that provides fast and easy control of the engraving position.

Internal camera
  • The machine enables intuitive operation through the use of an embedded camera that directly shows the engraving area on the material.

  • A laser pointer is also built in for users to easily locate and adjust the engraving position.


  • It is designed for quick and easy engraving for all as no preparation is needed.

​💡Experience faster, high-quality engraving with the use of a built-in camera !!!

Camera focus
  • Easy Positioning of Engraving Design/Image 
    Positioning the design/image becomes a lot easy with the use of S7's built-in camera. You can freely position your design/image's composition on the surface of the material, and determine where the engraving design/image would be placed at--intuitively, locate the right position, and adjust the position with ease.

  • Easy Engraving for Complex Materials
    Engraving on materials with complex and irregular shape is made quick and easy because of S7's built-in camera. It allows you to freely position your design/image's composition on the area where you want it to be engraved, and enables you to perfectly position it right on the surface of the material with ease. 

  • Easy-to-Fit Angle
    Fitting the angle of your design/image on the surface of the material is made simple because of S7's built-in camera. It allows you to freely rotate the composition on the material captured by its camera.