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Magic Engraving

Customer-Tablet Interaction

With the use of a tablet at a shop, users can easily provide engraving services to their customers as their customers can directly communicate their requests and/or preferences relevant to engraving.


Easy Access to Engraving Services via Tablet

CNC engraving

Points to Remember When Using the Tablet 

Involve your customers

  • Encourage your customers to engrave their own special days, thoughts and feelings, and/or special memories on their product.

  • Let your customers take part in the engraving process.

  • Let them experience the fun process of engraving; this can bring positive memory to the shop/brand!

Communicate with your customer about his/her preferences

  • Active participation of the customer during the engraving process can lead to customer satisfaction.

  • Good interaction between the customer and the shop can lead to customer loyalty and repurchase of the product.

  • Good customer experience can create potential buyers through the word of mouth.

Just Tap on the Screen

  • ​Show your customer how fun the engraving process is with just a tap on the screen!


Application of Engraving Service via Tablet PC

Let customers experience the fun process of engraving!
Ring engraving

Jewelry Engraving

Jewelry Shop

Cosmetic engraving

Cosmetic Case Engraving

Beauty Shop

Pendant engraving

Accessory Engraving

Accessory Shop

Gift engraving

Souvenir Engraving

Gift Store

watch engraving

Watch Engraving

Watch Store

Bottle engraving

Gift Engraving

Gift Store

Pet tag engraving

Pet Tag Engraving

Pet Shop

Military ID tag engraving

Military ID Tag Engraving

Military Store

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