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TURBO stamp engraving machine
Stamp engraving machine

Seal & Stamp Machines

Handcrafted name seals have been an integral part of Korea’s culture and tradition for centuries. It’s a common practice to authenticate a legal document in lieu of signatures in personal, business, legal or official documents with seals in countries like Korea, Japan and China, with roots dating back thousands of years. Thanks to advanced technology, a digital alternative for producing seals has been developed. Redt’s Turbo™ machines offer a more stylized, trendy and personalized seals and stamps that integrates both traditional and modern motif. These machines delicately engrave phosphor (印影) into materials like wood, stone, plastic, and water buffalo horn intended for commercial or personal use.

Turbo™ Engraving Machines 

  • Easy to use 

  • High speed engraving performance 

  • High performing motor 

  • Automatic functions and features 

  • Provides precise and detailed results even with small and intricate designs 

  • Reliable, durable and top-quality product 

Stamp engraving machine
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