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Seal & Stamp Engraver, Turbo™-T9 

Seal & Stamp Engraver, Turbo™-T9

Turbo™-T9 is a seal and stamp engraving machine that integrates both traditional (篆刻) and modern engraving motifs for a more stylized, personalized and trendy seals and stamps. It engraves various designs such as names, texts, patterns and logos on rubber, stone and brass seals and stamps. It is designed for multipurpose use and has automatic functions and features for easy and safe use. It is built compact and light, with a high-performing motor for high-speed engraving. It provides unmatched accuracy, precision and detailed engraving results even with small and intricate designs. 

Stamps & Seals Engraving

Turbo-T9 engraves any designs on all types of seals and stamps intended for personal, business or legal use. 


Surface Flattening 

It automatically flattens the engraving surface for a clean, smooth and precise engraving results.  

Bakelite Panel Engraving

It engraves Bakelite panels used as stamp molds. 

Seal & Stamp Engraving 

  • Turbo-T9 specializes in engraving all types of seals and stamps, widely used by companies, corporates, schools and legal offices for either personal, official or commercial use. 


  • It comes with a software program called Gilin & Stamper Master, exclusively designed for creating engraving designs or patterns on seals & stamps on materials that come in different forms or shapes such as:  


        - rounded stamps 

        - rectangular stamps 

        - square stamps 

        - corporate seals 

        - legal or document seals 

        - office seals (large & small) 

        - bank seals 

        - others 

Stone Engraving 

  • Turbo-T9 is capable of engraving various kinds of stones such as Liaoning, Parin and Mongolian which are commonly used materials for producing stone seals and stamps. It engraves any stone materials of various shapes and of different purposes including personal, souvenirs and many more. 


  • It is built with a strong, solid shaft and a high-powered motor for fast and efficient engraving on hard stones. It has a strong, durable and high-quality engraving tool that has high resistance to wear and tear.  


  • It has a built-in vise that can tightly hold and secure stone materials in different shapes, forms and sizes including materials with odd and/unique shapes. It also engraves designs in various forms such as: 


       -squared Korean characters 

       -squared Chinese characters 

       -larger texts or characters (about 10% larger in size) 

       -rectangular texts or characters 

       -elliptical or curved texts or characters 

       -sides (such as names, dates, messages, etc.) 

Brass Engraving 

  • Turbo-T9 is equipped with a powerful motor for high-speed and high-quality engraving on metals. 


  • It efficiently engraves any designs on brass seals and stamps. 

Surface Flattening 

  • Turbo-T9 auto flattens the engraving surface area for neat, precise and smooth engraving results.  


  • It eliminates the need for manual sanding as it auto flattens the engraving surface and/or erases the engravings when errors are made. This function allows re-engraving and re-use of the same material. It also features: 


       - auto processing of the engraving surface 

       - accurate flattening of the engraving surface 

       - high-quality engraving finish  

       - perfect surface processing; no post-processing                         required 

Bakelite Stamp Mold Engraving 

  • Turbo-T9 efficiently engraves Bakelite panels that are used as stamp molds.  


  • It allows easy and fast engraving of Bakelite panels with the use of a software program, exclusively designed for seal and stamp engraving. 


  • It expresses letters up to 1mm in size, and it utilizes thermoforming method which is the best-known method for producing high-quality stamps. 

Large Work Area 

  • Turbo-T9 has a large work area of 205mm x 120mm for engraving seals and stamps in large sizes. 


  • It also has a large vise that can accommodate large, squared seals up to 45mm in size. 


  • Bakelite panels in 200mm x 120 sizes are available for single large stamp engraving or batch engraving.  


  • Wide space for easy installation of dust collector. 

Stronger and Higher-speed Cutting Performance

  • Turbo-T9 is equipped with a more powerful spindle motor with a spinning capacity of 15,000RPM.

  • It offers a higher-speed cutting performance, improved cross section quality, and longer lasting, durable tools.

  • Compared to its previous model, its cutting force is 40% stronger.

Outstanding Engraving Quality and Performance  

  • Turbo-T9 has a resolution that is twice as high as the previous models.

  • The designs are expressed in a more detailed, precise manner, producing higher engraving and marking quality.

  • The noise level of the machine is greatly reduced to create a favorable working environment.

Easy Design Positioning via Built-in Camera 

  • Turbo-T9 provides size information on the material’s size (previewed on the screen) upon auto measurement process.


  • It features auto measurement on asymmetric materials including oval or oval-like shapes; easy designing and easy positioning and adjustment of the design on materials with irregular shapes 


  • Its built-in camera allows actual viewing of the material on the work area, and enables the user to easily create, adjust, resize and position their design on the material. The user can also actually check whether the weight of the texts (thin or bold) suit the material or not.

Built-in Multipurpose Vise

  • The vise is designed to hold all materials of different sizes and shapes in place. It clamps and secures seals/stamps in small and large sizes, ranging from 5mm~40mm.  

  • It eases the clamping process; it saves time and eliminates the hassle of securing the material to the vise. 

Handle/Tube Engraving

  • Turbo-T9 is also capable of engraving texts, characters or symbols on the seals/stamps tubes/handles.  


  • Its tube/handle vise is specifically designed to clamp and secure in place not only the bottom of the seals/stamps but also the tubes/handles.

Built-in Laser Guide

  • Turbo-T9 is equipped with a laser pointer that serves as a guide in specifying the target engraving area on the workpiece/material.  


  • Its laser guide efficiently eliminates errors in positioning, making it easier for the user to precisely determine the target engraving area on the workpiece/material. 

Auto Material Measurement System

  • Turbo-T9 has built-in measurement sensors that automatically measure the size, height, tilt and center of the material. 


  • It eliminates the need for manual material and tool height measurement as its automatic functions allow easy, simple, safe and fast engraving operation by simply securing the material to the vise.   


  • It also features more expressed, detailed and precise letter engravings, and thicker letters for more enhanced, heavier and bolder letter engravings.    

Auto Tool Measurement System

  • Turbo-T9 auto measures the length of the tool upon activation. 


  • With this function, the user can easily replace or install an engraving tool with appropriate length (based on its preference). 


  • The basic engraving tools provided can be used to engrave all types of seals or stamps, but the user can freely use or install a tool that matches the type of the material used, methods, or speed, depth, quality and other engraving options in consideration. 

Small, Quiet, and Modern Design

  • Turbo-T9's modern, sophisticated and polished design perfectly suits any workshops/work spaces. 


  • It is small, light and easy to install. 

  • It is designed to run quietly, smoothly and safely to promote a favorable work environment.

Easy and Quick Software - Gilin™

  • Easy to use software for easy machine operation. 

  • Provides all basic and default seals and stamps designs. 

  • Converts texts into Chinese characters. 

  • Provides a wide selection of over 30 different types of fonts. 

  • Allows easy switching between intaglio and relief engraving techniques. 

  • Allows refining of letter strokes. 


Optional Items

​Chip Collector (CP-261)

A device that sucks in chips and dust generated from engraving acryl, modeling board, etc.  

Chip collector

Heat Press

A device used in producing rubber stamps out of Bakelite molds by means of heat and pressure.

Heat Press


A tool used for engraving Bakelite molds for rubber stamps.


Flat Endmill

A tool used for flattening the surface of the engraving area.

Flat Endmill

Tube/Handle Vise

A jig for securing the tube/handle of the seal/stamp in place when engraving on the tube/handle.

Tube vise

Multipurpose Vise

A jig for securing seals/stamps with different shapes and sizes in place.

Multipurpose vise

Dual Tube/Handle Vise

A jig used for securing two seals/stamps in place when engraving on the tubes/handles.

Dual tube vise

Technical Specifications

T9 dimenssion


Engraving a Brass Stamp

A video showing the process of engraving a brass seal.

Engraving and Coloring a Stone Stamp

A video showing the process of engraving and coloring a stone stamp.

Sample Photo Gallery