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MAGIC™-E7 & L2 Brass Bookmarks cutting and laser marking.

Updated: 5 days ago

The MAGIC-E7 is a multipurpose desktop engraving machine that can cut and engrave flat surfaces and engrave inside and outside diameters on curved and round materials.

The MAGIC-E7 can engrave and cut round materials such as rings and oval materials such as bracelets with a rotary clamp.

After removing the work holding jig from the rotary clamp, the flat clamp allows you to engrave flat materials such as flat pendants and plates, and the cut-only clamp allows you to cut various metals such as brass and aluminum, as well as wood with an end mill.

Let's use the MAGIC-E7 to create a brass bookmark.

1) Run MagicEngrave.

MagicEngrave, a design program exclusively for MAGIC, allows you to create designs more easily and quickly.

2) Let's use the [Tools] button on the top left to import an image to cut.

3) Select [Import Image] and navigate to the folder path containing the design you want to work on.

4) Load the image you want to work with.

5) Once you have imported and resized the image you want to use as a design, let's create a toolpath.

6) Press the Start button to start cutting the brass. The MAGIC-E7 automatically measures the height of the material before starting the job and measures the tilt of the material left/right/up/down to compensate for the horizontal value.

Brass plate cutting

Brass plate Cutting

Next, the MAGIC-L2 compact fiber laser marking machine

is used to mark the text on a brass four-leaf clover bookmark.

Laser marking

Laser marking

Look! This is the result!

So far, we've seen how to cut brass using the multipurpose 4-axis CNC engraving machine MAGIC-E7 and the compact fiber laser marking machine MAGIC-L2.

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