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Laser Marking on Industrial Wire Cables with MAGIC™-L3

We recently took the MAGIC™-L3, our multipurpose fiber laser marking machine,

for a spin to direct laser mark on the surface of a wire cable. 

The MAGIC™-L3 is a versatile fiber laser marking machine with a range of 20/30/60/100W power lines for marking and cutting. 

For convenience and safety, it comes loaded with numerous features,

like a fully automatic safety cover, to ensure a seamless user experience. 

Let's use the MAGIC-L3 fiber laser marking machine to mark text on a 1.5 mm wire cable. 

First, measure the thickness of the wire cable with a vernier caliper. 

Place your material on the MAGIC-L3's work surface. The platform is designed so that flat materials can be handled easily without the need for additional clamping.

Launch the specialized Magic Engrave software, and activate the engraver’s built-in camera feature. This handy tool lets you pinpoint exactly where to make your mark. 

Next, let's type out text by pressing [T]. 

Once you’ve finalized your design and confirmed the marking area, simply hit the "Start" button to kick off the marking process. 

That’s how we do black marking on a wire cable with the MAGIC-L3

Curious to see the MAGIC™-L3 in action as it marks a wire cable? 

Check out the video below!  

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