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Deep Laser Engraving on a 925 Silver Ring with MAGIC-L3

Updated: Mar 18

You may be wondering if MAGIC-L3 is capable of deep engraving on hard metals like silver, stainless steel or gold. 

Well, the good news is, MAGIC-L3 is designed for multipurpose use! 

MAGIC-L3 is recognized as one of the best fiber lasers in the market as it guarantees to produce high-quality, deep and permanent laser markings on metals. 

It can cut, mark and engrave any designs into hard metals including silver. 

Here are simple steps you can follow when laser engraving silver rings with MAGIC-L3. 

First, measure the outside diameter and the thickness of the ring. 

The program automatically calculates the length of the ring upon entering the ring size.

Next, enter the size of the ring in the MagicEngrave program and load the image to design. 

In the MagicEngrave program, create a Toolpath and set the engraving options such as power, speed, frequency and number of repetitions. 

Rotary Clamp

Then, insert the ring into the rotary clamp. 

Be sure to secure the ring onto the rotary clamp.  

Last, check whether the laser beam points to the target engraving area or not. 

Make adjustments if necessary. 


Then, click the [Start Engraving] button. 

Marking Starts

Black Marking Process

White Marking Process

White Marking Process

To even out the surface of the ring, perform white marking. 

White marking process helps create depth in markings. 

Once the marking process is complete, apply a silver colorant on the laser engraved surface and let it dry. 

The color of the markings then changes to black. 

 Use a 3M Superfine Sanding Sponge to refine and sand the edges and surface of the ring. 

And here is our Final Product! 

A beautiful, elegant and shiny Silver 925 Ring laser engraved with MAGIC-L3!

MAGIC-L3, the perfect fiber laser machine for ring laser engraving! 


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