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Small Laser Welding Machine,

MAGIC-W3 is a laser welding machine developed for fast, safe and easy laser welding work on any type of jewelry and metals like gold, silver, stainless steel, etc. It is an ideal laser welder for jewelry businesses, workshops and factories. It has various safety features and user-friendly functions for safe and easy laser welding use. 

Product Features 
  • 200W high-powered chamber-type laser welding machine. 

  • Various beam adjustment options. 

  • Built-in binocular microscope with 10x magnifying capacity and auto welding light-shutter. 

  • Built-in camera for magnifying images. 

  • Built-in laser protection window  

  • LCD touch screen display for easy laser adjustment. 

  • Built-in chamber internal adjustment knob controller. 

  • Built-in smoke suction and extractor fan. 

  • Built-in foot pedal switch. 

  • Built-in welding gas nozzle (argon, nitrogen, etc.). 

  • Built-in chamber curtain for laser protection and convenient welding operation. 

  • Built-in coolant chiller. 

■ Materials
  • 18K, 14K 

  • 92.5 Silver 

  • Brass 

  • Chain 

  • Earring stud 

  • O-ring 

■ Usage 
  • Welding chains 

  • Welding earring studs 

  • Welding O-rings 

200W High-powered Chamber-type Laser Welder 

  • Welds various metals such as gold and silver, brass and stainless steel and non-metals such as carving wax and plastic. 

  • Provides a wide range of welding applications for multipurpose use. 

Built-in Binocular Microscope with 10x Magnifying Capacity and Auto Welding Light-Shutter

  • Produces a magnified image of the material for precise welding work. 

  • Protects the eyes from the welding light. 

Built-in Laser Adjustment Knob Controller

  • Allows easy control and adjustment of the laser beam. 

  • Easy and quick setting and changing of the laser beam options based on the material’s properties and/or welding purposes. 

Built-in Camera for Magnifying Images

  • Allows actual viewing of the material during welding operation via built-in camera. 

  • Helps users to view the enlarged image of the material on the LCD screen. 

Built-in Laser Protection Window

  • Protects the eyes from laser exposure. 

  • Easy positioning of the laser focus on the material. 

  • Allows actual and immediate checking of the welding status through the protective window. 

LCD Touch Screen Display for Easy Laser Adjustment

  • Easy adjustment of laser beam options via touch and tap. 

  • Saves frequently used laser beam options. 

Various Laser Beam Adjustment Options

  • Features laser beam output, pulse, width, diameter, speed, etc. adjustment options.


  • Guarantees high-quality welding results with its laser beam adjustment options optimized for all types of welding materials. 

Built-in Smoke Suction and Extractor Fan

  • Prevents focus lens contamination. 

  • Eliminates the risk of inhaling smoke/fumes produced during welding operation. 

Built-in Coolant Chiller

  • Connected to the machine; eliminates the use of a separate outlet. 

  • Auto turns ON when the machine is ON. 

  • Stores coolant used for regulating the heat produced during welding operation. 

Product Specifications


Chiller Specifications​


Welding Samples

Silver O Ring 

주얼리샵 금은방 용접 뗌 땜 은뗌 은땜 금뗌 금땜 용접기
  • Material: Silver 92.5 

  • Welding Sample: Weld O ring 

Silver Necklace Ring  

주얼리샵 금은방 쥬얼리 용접 뗌 땜 은뗌 은땜 금뗌 금땜 용접기
  • Material: Silver 92.5 

  • Welding Sample: Weld O ring and pendant 

Square Gold Chain 

주얼리샵 금은방 쥬얼리 용접 뗌 땜 은뗌 은땜 금뗌 금땜 용접기
  • Material: Gold 18K

  • Welding Sample: Weld broken gold chain 

Gold Ball Chain 

주얼리샵 금은방 쥬얼리 용접 뗌 땜 은뗌 은땜 금뗌 금땜 용접기
  • Material: Gold 14K

  • Welding Sample: Weld broken gold ball chain 

Cutting Brass (DIY Earrings) 

주얼리샵 금은방 쥬얼리 용접 뗌 땜 은뗌 은땜 금뗌 금땜 용접기
  • Material: Brass

  • Welding Sample: Cut and weld brass  

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