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Marble Engraving with MAGIC-E7

Have you ever wondered how designs are engraved on marbles? 

You probably thought of the traditional way of engraving marbles—chiseling and hammering. 

In today’s modern age and technology, marble engraving is now an accessible skill. 

Thanks to our latest CNC and laser engravers, we don’t need to engrave in the traditional way! 


Redt’s MAGIC-E7 is a marble engraver that automatically engraves any designs on marbles without the hassle of manual engraving.  

It is a multipurpose engraving machine, designed to cut and engrave on various jewelry products, metals, and nonmetals including marbles. 

Although its function is limited to engraving only on marbles—and not cutting, it guarantees to produce deep, permanent and high-quality engravings on any type of marble. 


How to engrave on marbles with MAGIC-E7? 


First, it is important to secure the marble to the machine.

Then, dust off the powder on the marble. 

Last, try to experiment with colors.  

You may use paint in different colors. 

But some marbles have paint resistance. 

Be sure to check whether the marble you use is intended for absorbing paint or not. 

Certain types of marbles absorb paint easily. 

Here is our end product.  

You may follow the sample testing specifics below: 

How to use the MAGIC-Engrave program to engrave on marbles? 


1. Click the square template then enter the size of the marble. 

2. Load the image file or design. 

3. Go to [Color Inversion] and click [Covert to black and white 1 bit]. 

The color of the text will be converted to black and white. 

4. Select a Toolpath and set the Toolpath options. 

The created Toolpath will be displayed on the screen according to the options set for Toolpath.  

5. Click [Start Engraving].  

Be sure to check whether the target engraving area on your material is properly positioned or not. Make adjustments if necessary. 

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