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Introducing Our Easy-to-Use Soap Stamp Engraver, MAGIC™-E4

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Soap making has become an increasingly popular hobby for many individuals in this present day and age as many consumers have discovered the natural benefits of handmade soaps compared to commercially made ones—especially in this time of pandemic where people have begun to search for natural remedies and cures and opted for organic produce to help improve their health and wellness.

People have become very conscious about their health that many individuals took this as an opportunity to turn their soap-making hobby into a business. With the popularity of social media, soap-making has sparked great interest among teenagers and young adults. The recent trends in health and beauty across all social media platforms have turned soap-making into a popular trend.

Soap making has quickly gained popularity as consumers enjoy the process of personally making their own soap and adding a personal touch to it. Aside from the health benefits of making your own soap, making personalized soaps is also perfect for showing your love to your friends and family! It is a great way to connect and show that you care!

We Redt., offer state-of-the-art CNC engraving machines that specialize in engraving soap stamps. Our MAGIC™-E4 is a perfect engraving machine for soap makers, entrepreneurs and hobbyists whose aim is to create unique, personalized soaps with personal touches without going through the hassle of engraving in a traditional way!


What is MAGIC™-E4?

MAGIC™-E4 is a compact and light engraving machine, built to enable fast and easy engraving on soap stamps. It guarantees high-quality and precise engraving on soap stamps with a polished and accurate finish. It is equipped with a software program that allows soap makers to create unique, creative and stylish stamp designs engraved into their soaps.

What are the benefits of using MAGIC™-E4?

With MAGIC™-E4, soap makers can engrave various designs on their soaps with their soap stamps. It is ideal for engraving soap stamps that come in different shapes and sizes. It can also be used on a variety of soap types, including melt and pour soap, cold process soap and hot process soap.

So why choose MAGIC™-E4 for soap stamp engraving?

MAGIC™-E4 is definitely your go-to soap stamp engraving machine for your soap business! It is designed small and light for easy installation runs quietly during engraving operation, is safe to use for stamp engraving, is easy to operate as it is built with advanced features, and comes with a software program that allows soap makers to create their own designs and offer personalized or custom-made designs for their customers!

It is indeed, the perfect machine for anyone who wants to start their own soap business!

- Soap Stamp examples


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