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Laser Marking Traditional Korean Brass Cup with MAGIC-L3 (ft. Personalized Markings)

Updated: Mar 18

Have you noticed Koreans drinking alcohol in brass bowls in historical movies or dramas? 

Do you have anything similar in your country? 

Or do you find it unique that Koreans drink in bowls? 

This type of cup is called Bangja. 


Bangja, also called Yugi is a type of brassware that includes Korean traditional dishes, bowls, spoons and chopsticks. 

Traditionally crafted by hand, Bangja bowl designs are now engraved with the use of laser machines! 

Thanks to advanced technology, Redt has developed a laser engraver that efficiently marks deep and permanent markings on brass materials. 

MAGIC-L3 is a state-of the art laser engraver that produces high-quality markings on any brass including brassware like Bangja.


MAGIC-L3 guarantees easy, safe and quick engraving of any traditional designs on brass! 


Let’s laser engrave a traditional Korean pattern on a Bangja cup! 



First, measure the outer diameter and thickness of the Bangja cup. 


Then, load the traditional Korean pattern in the MagicEngrave program and enter the cup’s measurements. 


In the program, match the size of the image design/pattern to the box (marking area). 

If the image exceeds the size of the box, go to [Paint] program and crop the image. 


Once the image is cropped and ready, fit the image into the box. 


Insert the Bangja cup onto the rotary clamp. 

Turn the left and right handles to secure the cup to the clamp. 


Next, set the laser marking options. 

Specify the preferred intensity, speed, frequency and repetition. 


Last, position the laser pointer to the target marking area on the cup.  

Be sure to check whether the laser pointer points to where the pattern is to be marked on the cup or not.  

Make adjustments if necessary. 


Once the target marking area is set, click the [Start Engraving] button. 


There are two marking processes involved when marking with MAGIC-L3: white marking and black marking.   

Take note that in laser engraving, the laser beam does not alter the color of the material when burning the surface; it rather creates a burnt color. Since the color of brass is yellow, the markings remain yellow or somewhat yellowish. On materials like brass, white marking is used; on materials like stainless steel, black marking is used. 


Repeat the white marking process to reveal a more enhanced and detailed pattern. 


Here is the final result! 

To make it personalized, you may add your name too or other designs! 


Here are some simple steps you may follow! 


First, enter the text in the MagicEngrave program. 


Second, properly place the cup on the work area. 


Third, set the laser marking options and position the laser pointer to the target marking area on the cup. 


Last, click the [Start Engraving] button and start the marking process! 



A simple yet stylish laser engraved name inside the cup! 


A fun and creative way to make personalized gifts for your loved ones, friends or colleagues! 


For items that require daily washing like cups, spoons or dishes, markings are guaranteed, deep, permanent and inerasable. 


How do you like the result? 


MAGIC-L3, the perfect laser engraver for entrepreneurs looking to produce unique and customized laser engraved products! 


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